Nous sommes tous les Parisiens

See-Clic-Pic shares photos of the Paris tribute.


Last night, Saturday November 14th, I went to Trafalgar Square.  I was still recovering from being ill but I could not stay in with such awful news.  I felt the need to document this event of commemoration, solidarity and fraternity.  It was moving, extraordinary and beautiful in its tragic sadness.

To have Trafalgar Square filled with French people seemed oddly apt, burying any age old enmity in a shared sense of outrage, grief and steadfast determination to stand against evil and terror.  Though the Square was filled with French people I met folks form all over the world who had gathered to stand together, from Australia, China, India, USA, Germany, Holland, Spain and closer to home Ireland and Scotland.  All united in a common purpose; to oppose tyranny, and show that they will stand with France in the coming days.  If we are to defat this utterly evil regime we…

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