We’ll always have Paris

This is Dublin House Wife!

Diary of a Dublin Housewife

paris 1

Remember Paris Bernie?

I’ll never forget Jimmy.

It was a great weekend.

The best birthday ever.

Hard to believe what happened there on Friday night.

Unbelievable Jimmy.

The murderin’ bastards.

It’s not right Jimmy. The world is gone mad.

Stone mad Bernie. What’s got into them at all?

All those innocent people gunned down for no reason.

That could have been any of our kids at that concert or at that football match.

It could have been us enjoyin’ a quiet meal and a few scoops.

Shockin’ Bernie; Shockin’.

…and in the city of love too.

Remember the night we went on the bateau mouche?

I do,it was so romantic Jimmy, with the Eiffel tower lit up in the distance. It was the best night of my life.

Even better than the night we got married

Fuck off Jimmy, you fell asleep that night.

Did I? I cant remember.


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