Cute Two Minute Kid’s Art Display

Introducing Pins In A Nutshell!

Pins In A Nutshell

So, while searching Pinterest for inspiration for my kids Toyroom. I saw several different versions of this idea and thought they all looked adorable. I especially liked the one from  It also looked super simple.


So, I decided to give it a try. It was super quick and super easy! I love how it turned out.


All you have to do is simply pin some rope to the wall where you want the artwork to be displayed and then pin the artwork on with clothes pins.


Voila! You have an adorable display for your kids artwork! I especially love that it can hold all different sizes and shapes of artwork and crafts, like owl and heart shaped crafts my kiddos made in school!

I am considering painting the clothespins like Haeley from did and adding embellishments at the end. Maybe something like this one only homemade. If I end…

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