at the end of the day . . .

Introducing Bare Naked in Public!!

Bare Naked in Public


Light rain falls, red tail lights glow as far as the eye can see, traffic crawls on the 405. A steady low rumble reminds me that I am driving on my spare, a result of a punctured tire the day before. Windshield wipers smear the silty scum across the glass blurring my view, blades need replacing. My mental to do list grows as I remember to add fixing the nearly-new kitchen faucet. Damn thing leaks like a sieve. My beautiful modern kitchen with its water supply turned on and off by me, on my hands and knees, tweaking valves beneath the sink. More mental notetaking and the list continues to grow.

My focus back on the road, I’ve been sitting in traffic for nearly forty minutes and nowhere near home. The first Monday commute since the clocks turned back on Saturday, and the first rain in ages. In less than…

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