Happy Thanksgiving

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Just a brief rambling reflection on Thanksgiving.

After reading a couple of articles about Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday celebrated for the last ~150 years in USA and Canada (on a different day), I wondered about how many people actually think about thankfulness or gratitude on this day, or any day.

Much has recently been written on the benefits of gratitute (Amy Morin – Psychologytoday).  Taken from this summary of some research articles, gratitude (acknowledging and being thankful for all that you have) can improve relationships, promote new relationships, improve physical and psychological health, reduce aggression, improve sleep, promote self-esteem through appreciating other peoples accomplishments, reduce stress and foster resilience!

How much would you pay for a medication that had all these benefits? Such a drug would make billions in revenue – right?!

Well, all these health and relationship benefits can be attained for free, by anyone, just by spending a…

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