The Beginning of Change

Introducing MSnubutterflies!


In no way do I feel sorry for myself or do I feel like why me. I am no different to anyone else though there are times that are hard. It is how we choose to face that and our attitude that makes all the difference. Life is constant change, self growth, acceptance, and adapting. This is just another one of those moments in my life.

As the physical and mental drain of the past few months set in I find myself having some difficulty adapting. For some this is probably hard to understand or relate to. Not only am I faced with a body that no longer works the way it once did but the mental drain is taking a toll on me. For me this was harder than the physical aspect.

Your mind is overloaded with constant thought and awareness of what you are doing and those around…

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3 thoughts on “The Beginning of Change

  1. Thank you for sharing my little sisters blog!she is such an amazing person! & yes some of that is becuz of her being my sissy! But she is truly a warrior! & such an inspiration not just to me but to anybody she is near!

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