Don’t Put Me Out: One Act Play by Gregory A. Waits, Jr.

Meet Cocktail Molly


artwork by Knowledgethe PoetMcD

Don’t Put Me Out

You didn’t see me
How I saw me

You looked into my depths
Peered into my soul

To you
What I saw incomplete
You see whole …

(an excerpt from “Visionary,” a poem written by Kari A. Conley aka K.C. Poetically Speaking)


Abebi Robbins

Wendell Robbins

Police Officer


(Late night. Wendell is standing at the front door of his home.  He is knocking loudly.  From the other side of the door his wife Abebi appears and stands to listen to him.)


What Wendell?! You better get out of here before somebody call the cops on your ass!


I’m not leaving girl until you open this damn door.


Well then you gon be out there then.


Stop playin and open this door. This is my house too! Mines!


Nope. Not anymore. Not since you can’t keep…

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