3 Ways December Will Make or Break Your Resolution Success

3 Ways December Will Make or Break Your Resolution Success

The first tip I offered last Thursday in my post 31 Ways to Find Amazing New Year’s Resolution Success was to spend the month of December preparing and educating yourself prior to beginning your change of habit.  Expanding on that thought, here are 3 Ways December Will Make or Break Your Resolution Success:

First, many people fail when trying to achieve a goal because they are not properly prepared.  When I decided to lose weight last year I spent several december-ai-335563weeks studying, investigating and building a plan for success.  I needed to know the best approach: what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, how many calories I needed to eat each day, what mobile calorie app to download, what type of exercise would my body allow, etc.

This information was crucial to my success.

Secondly, taking time to prepare allowed me time to get my mind properly focused on the upcoming task.  Much like a boxer preparing for an upcoming fight, so you must prepare yourself for your lifestyle change!  Often, those wanting to change set out on an adventure without having their mind clearly focused on the task at hand.  This allows for confusion and/or doubt when tough times present themselves.  Having the mind clearly focused allows one to know for certain exactly what is needed and to develop the determination to succeed.

Thirdly, preparing is like designing a map for your future self to use to find success and reach your goal.  During my healthy living transition, my preparation supported me when I had moments of weakness.  I was able to use my preparation as a mission statement and I often referred to it to help guide me along the way.

I recommend you investigate whether mobile apps will assist you, read articles on your habit change, find a good personal development or motivational book and talk to those that have found success in the area you are trying to improve.  Also, I talked to experts in the health field when accumulating information about weight loss.  There are many resources online to help you gain an advantage so utilize them!

Use this month properly and you will give yourself the tools and motivation to move forward and find success!


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  1. Being prepared or at least actively preparing yourself when you start is definitely important. Since a lot of it is mental, it really helps. Sometimes you won’t know what will work as far as eating and exercise goes until you start (even if you’ve tried to lose weight/get healthy previously), but you’re right that you do need a game plan so that you can actually start and try something! 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I apologized to you on Harsh Reality’s page because I thought your comment was Jason’s response to my comment. Sorry about that. lol

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