The Mariners Tale

Another great one from Poetry Out West!

Poetry Out West

“Land Ahoy!”

his First Mate
not more than two feet away,
still doesn’t see her coming

after the full force
hits the stern with a swift kick
aimed right up the Jacksie!

“Bring her about hard & fast
& shut your bloody mouth boy!”

she giggles

it’s an entertaining Port
full of surprises, guffaws
& sudden gusts of wind;
her Devil’s Tongue
quick as lightning
her Siren Song
slipping in & under

he lays it on thick

he would feed me grapes
if it weren’t for the Oyster’s
Swordfish, Tuna, Salmon – Lumpfish
a good bottle of Veuve
serving up a concoction
of frivolity with a sharp spank
on the arse for good measure

no sea legs required here

our naked flamboyance
barely creates a ripple
our island paradise
looking out over the sea
from a safe distance –
your bridge

I can see the stars up there
& planets
my world seems bigger

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