Slow and Steady Wins the Race: How 1 Habit Change at a Time Will Bring More Success

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: How 1 Habit Change at a Time Will Bring More Success

The second tip on our list of 31 Ways To Amazing New Year’s Resolution Success is to pick one resolution and one resolution only!

I would say the majority of habit change failures occur from trying too many changes at once.  If you decide you want to begin exercising, then begin exercising and focus solely on your exercise regimen.  Don’t try to incorporate exercise and a revamped eating regimen and waking up early and brushing your teeth 12 times per day and reading 2 books per month and being more patient, etc.  Get my drift?



In our previous example, decide to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and that is all!  Now if exercising creates an awareness of the types of food you are putting in your body (which is a common occurrence) then bonus.  But in the beginning don’t allow your focus to be divided.

This is one of those times in life when multitasking is not beneficial.  As I said in my post yesterdaypreparing yourself in the month of December allows you to focus your mind on the instituting of your new habit.   And having a singular focus is essential to finding success when habits are involved.

When it comes to new habits, slow and steady wins the race!

Use December as your preparation period to determine one goal and one goal only.  This mindset will simplify the task and allow you to achieve any goal you set!


14 thoughts on “Slow and Steady Wins the Race: How 1 Habit Change at a Time Will Bring More Success

  1. Good advice. I think I do that. Create many different resolutions and then just stop them all when I can’t make one. Just focusing on one and really committing to it is the best advice. Thanks!

    1. Yes I agree. I have studied habits extensively over the last year and once you understand how habits work, you can make many changes at once. BUT, you must start with only one new habit in mind!

  2. Definitely good advice. One change at a time is plenty. Then when you have that one more or less a part of your routine, you can add in another change. Sometimes you can manage to change things all at once if you look at it like a one day, one step at a time kind of thing. But that isn’t for everyone either as it can be overwhelming. I jumped in with both feet but did everything slowly and took it one day at a time. It works well if you remember it’s best to work those changes in slowly and not overdo it.

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