13 thoughts on “I Am Yours Forever

  1. You know it seems LIKE people like the post here, but don’t tend to LIKE or comment on my original, and therefore actually visit my blog…I try to do it for others…Jx

      1. Lol, I can imagine…yes, i try to do the same and comment, but some blogs are just not my thing…like cooking, makeup, etc, I prefer poets, poetry, art, artists, writers, people of like mind… otherwise other blogs clog up my feed/email… Jx

      2. I guess it comes down to why you blog or what you wish to accomplish. I like to connect with everyone as I have found many different people can enjoy a common cause. My followers are very diverse from makeup, fashion,poetry, lifestyle, personal development, Christian, Jew, Muslim, fitness, cooking, etc. I keep the door wide open and focus less on the email feed. I turned off email notifications and only receive updates through Reader.

  2. I’ve just learned to turn the email off…it was overwhelming to say the least! You are right…my aim is to meet like minded people, but then as you say, others can also appreciate poetry without being a poet. I might have been a little narrow minded there…Thank you. Jx

    1. No problem. When I first started blogging I tried to follow everyone that followed me but as my readership grew I simply can’t. My inbox was getting 500 blogs per day!! lol then I learned to turn the emails off and my life returned to normal.

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