I Am Yours Forever

I would like to introduce Poetry Out West!

Poetry Out West


Jack said to Sally, “I am yours forever”
I have no doubt he’s got her back
she leans into him, safe
in their existence


The worst of my emotional turmoil
has taken a calculated step back
from that precipice – my Abyss
I now have my feet planted firmly
on this beautiful earth of ours

My man has had a breakthrough too
He is as strong as an Ox, spiritually
speaking, he came to me
shared & bared his most dangerous
depths, in that moment, I was lifted
& my heart rose to meld with his

Cancer became the Rabbit
& Rabbit overcame his Cancer
I sank into his soft silky skin
breathing him in, his musk – fragrant
His trust rekindling all hope
I saw him in that moment, solid
stoic, replenished & I am his witness

Faith & love; Trust & kindness
Honesty is something else to…

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13 thoughts on “I Am Yours Forever

      • Lol, I can imagine…yes, i try to do the same and comment, but some blogs are just not my thing…like cooking, makeup, etc, I prefer poets, poetry, art, artists, writers, people of like mind… otherwise other blogs clog up my feed/email… Jx

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      • I guess it comes down to why you blog or what you wish to accomplish. I like to connect with everyone as I have found many different people can enjoy a common cause. My followers are very diverse from makeup, fashion,poetry, lifestyle, personal development, Christian, Jew, Muslim, fitness, cooking, etc. I keep the door wide open and focus less on the email feed. I turned off email notifications and only receive updates through Reader.

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  1. I’ve just learned to turn the email off…it was overwhelming to say the least! You are right…my aim is to meet like minded people, but then as you say, others can also appreciate poetry without being a poet. I might have been a little narrow minded there…Thank you. Jx

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