Why Anticipating Failure Might Be the Key to Your Resolution Success!

Next up on our list of 31 Ways to Achieve Amazing New Year’s Resolution Success are #6 & #7: Don’t get discouraged with short-term defeats and keep the big picture in mind.

I understand that many of you have commented and emailed me expressing your frustration with having tried to change in the past and the failures associated.  It is important to understand that everyone in every arena will fail at some point.  So here is why anticipating failure might be the key to your resolution success:


One way to deal with failure is to anticipate failing before it occurs and develop a plan for how you will deal with it.  You can even write down your strategy and read it to yourself when you experience a short-term setback.

If I have learned anything on my personal journey it is to anticipate all possibilities and have a plan mapped out ahead of time on how to deal with road bumps.  If you have your mind focused properly, then short-term failures become nothing more than a maintenance stop, whereas, in the past they might have derailed your entire operation.

One little mental trick I learned was to keep the big picture in mind. When I was transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, I anticipated times when I would not make the best food decisions.  I had also predetermined that when these events occurred I would keep the failure in perspective.  Over the course of a year(s), small moments of weakness are insignificant so I kept that in mind.

Also, anticipating failure and preparing for how you will react will keep you from being too hard on yourself.  Too often our nature is to overemphasize failures and under-celebrate victories.  Escape this mentality!

Learn to overemphasize the victories and quickly move on from failures.

Predetermining how you will deal with and accept and move on following failure will be crucial to you achieving your resolution.  Once again, use the month of December as your time to prepare.

Here is how I deal with failures:

  1. Acknowledge the failure
  2. Determine what I could have done differently
  3. Determine a course of action for the future
  4. Put it out of my mind and continue forward!

I hope this series is helping you prepare for achieving your goals and helping you to change your thinking as it relates to habits and goals.

Let failure be singular events and not a state of mind!

11 thoughts on “Why Anticipating Failure Might Be the Key to Your Resolution Success!

  1. Such great advice. Slip ups will happen from time to time. I like to tell myself lately that it is what it is because it will happen, there’s no way to change it. How you deal with it after the fact and how you move forward is key.

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  2. Reblogged this on Be the Best You and commented:
    Failure, or slip-ups, are a part of all aspects of life but especially a weight loss journey. They will happen. The important thing is acknowledging that it happened but not beating yourself up as you move forward. This post has a lot of good words of wisdom!

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