Rheumatic Stigmata

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Poetry Out West


The bed creaks like your bones
that moan and groan
that slow grind through clenched teeth, that need between the sheets


It’s August now
as cold as it gets here in Winter.
I’m buying an electric blanket to warm you through; least I run you through with my lasciviously pointy finger!

Still, I wrap my legs around your freezing appendages, making
a spoonful of sugar while you lick the cream from your Cheshire 😀

I can’t help but bear your stubborn, stoic Far North Queenslander pride;
pleasured simplicity, complicit with your Will to burn the wick at both ends, ajoint screaming a string of profanity

In Summer, I knead your splintered lamb shank while you shovel nutrition down with a tincture of mindfullness, layer upon layer of oil, and Green Tea setting the scene for a modern beer

I find it hard, to watch your tenacity
come face to…

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