Is It Time for You to Find Your Inner Spectacular?

I was thinking today and a question came to mind: Why aren’t there more amazing and spectacular people?  Before you get your feathers ruffled, I am not referring to being a great person but to accomplishing great, amazing things.  Why are there not more Steve Jobs, Michael Jordans, Muhammad Alis, Thomas Edisons, Edwin C. Barnes,  etc.?

I believe that every single human being has in them the potential for great and amazing things; a light, a spark.  Bill Gates was once quoted as saying, “I don’t believe there is anything unique about human intelligence,” and I could not disagree more.  I know as sure as anything I’ve ever experienced that human intelligence is what makes each of us so incredibly unique and special.




It allows us to experience the exact same world in 7.125 billion different ways.  But, with that said why do so many of us sacrifice our uniqueness and allow “life” to squeeze us through a sieve and mold us into individuals that, all to often, fear being different?  If you believe and understand that there are no two human beings that are the same, why do we teach to conform?

We should be teaching the individual to celebrate and announce his or her uniqueness from the mountain top!!!

But as we learn quickly in life, the norm will move swiftly to extinguish any hint of creativity or originality.

Take for example how teenagers learn (I’ll use my teen years as example).  If you don’t wear a Members Only jacket or glacier glasses, you are out.  If you don’t own a pair of Vans, you are out.  If you don’t like Break Dancing, you are out.  I realize I am dating myself, but if nothing else maybe it got a couple laughs.

From a very young age we are conditioned to go with the norm and to keep our uniqueness to a minimum.  After all no one wants to be different lest they be branded the “weird kid.”

After college it is expected that you will get a good job, pay taxes, buy a car and that is the path to becoming a contributing member of society.  Then get married, start a family, raise your family, retire and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  And I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, but what about living a life that is spectacular?

Is that not possible for us all?  Are we supposed to believe that all there is to life is paying rent or mortgages, bills and hoping one day to have enough to retire?  There has to be more.  If not, I’m checking out.

I challenge each of you to try something new and different.  Find something that is so outside of your “world” or comfort zone and participate.  What is one thing you would be afraid to do?  Sky dive, public speaking, hold a spider?  How about something you’ve always wanted to do but have not?   Guitar lessons, enter an open mic night,  join a poetry club, start up a band!, take a class at the community college, join a theater group or VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME AT A LOCAL CHARITY!!

I want you to challenge yourself.  Show yourself you are capable.  This world is here for us to experience and it is time for more of us to do so!  Get uncomfortable and reignite that spark that makes you, YOU!  It is time to break the mold that life presses us into and spread those wings and fly!


41 thoughts on “Is It Time for You to Find Your Inner Spectacular?

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  2. Good advise for people at any age. It is only through appreciating our differences that real growth can happen. That is why I have started my project on Wednesdays to showcase what people are doing in the arts after retirement. I want to showcase that reaching outside of your comfort zone, as your said, enriches your life at any age.

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  3. What a great read and a great wake up call for all of us. To climb out of that box of what society expects of us all at what ever point we are at. I for one have always had the mindset ” damn the torpedo;s” and go for it. This last year has been such a big jump for me in alot of way and finding word press was a huge blessing for me. Thank you again for the read. I am jumping..

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  4. I would also say that the reason spectacular individuals are rare, is because as a society, we like to peg people into specific groups while viewing them with lenses of cultural and racially biased stereotypes. We scoff at individuals who try to move against the grain, and instead insist people follow a set of predictive norms that otherwise ostracize and outcast those who will not tow the line. Perhaps rather doing something that is different to find our own spectacularness is to cultivate in others through the practice of kindness, empathy, and understanding.

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    • Success can mean many different things to people, but the one underlying issue in most people’s lives is paying the bills and preparing for the future. I often use cash as a default meaning for success as it is the one thing most people can relate. With that said, success can be defined in so many different ways. I appreciate you reading!

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    • Conformity is a good thing when we are young as it teaches us valuable social skills. But, as we get older conformity works against creativity. This is where problems develop. Thank you for leaving your thoughts!!

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  6. Yes, sometimes it costs money to engage in whatever endeavor that you’re interested in and once you have been among the working class, it is difficult to just drop what you’re doing in favor of doing something different. But it should make you think about small changes that you make as a steppingstone to the bigger ones.

    Great post, Dray, and here’s hoping for a peaceful New Year!

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  7. Fantastic post! I especially like your question “why do we teach to conform”. I like the idea of being outside the box and yet it’s difficult to me because I was taught to conform. Shaking it off is harder than we all think. And it’s definitely something Which is on top of my list for 2016.

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    • I studied conformity for about a month this year. I found it is a crucial element in society because it teaches children to social norms like waiting your turn in line, being considerate, obeying laws, etc. But it is also important for children to recognize the importance of conformity while maintaining their identity.

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      • Spot on! Finding a balance between conformity and not being stepped on is important. While being away on a roadtrip and staying with friends there were many moments where exactly this tricky balance turned into a challenge… But that’s a long story which I might write about one day…

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      • If I may add: I do find that in many cases both of those important things are sort of lost. Often kids are not taught to wait in line, be polite, follow those social norms or simply have manners. At the same time, though, they are held back and not encouraged to maintain their identity. Maybe it all gets mixed up…

        While I want my kids to have manners and follow the social norms, I do want them to also keep something in mind Mr Ferris said: Walk to the beat of your own drummer…

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