A Negative Mind Is a Choice and Will Rarely, If Ever, Produce Success

A Negative Mind Is a Choice and Will Rarely, If Ever, Produce Success

Warning, semi-rant ahead:

I was reading tonight as I allowed a show to play in the background. Sometimes having something else going on as I read allows my brain to kick into hyper-drive.  Reading tonight reminded me of my mindset from not so long ago.

I was once a negative thinker.  I now see that it was partially caused by dealing with the general public while working retail.  I once said that working retail made me hate people, but the truth is people made me hate people.  I am getting off course early here so I will self-correct…

My point is that I was a negative person.  I still have tendencies, but I am much brighter now and happier than I was when I allowed myself to be negative.  People suck, life is hell, I hate my job…and then you die.  That was the gist of the note that prompted my thought.

Want to know the truth from a reformed negative thinker?  Your mindset is a choice.  As a negative thinker I masked my negativity with “I’m a realist.”  That is all crap.  Negative thinking is a learned pattern as a habit it a learned behavior.

I know because I reformed my thinking.

You don’t have to reform your mind.  You can continue to be a negative, Debbie Downer, but stop flicking your boogers on the rest of us.

Being a more positive thinker does not mean that I smile at funerals.  It does not mean that I turn the other cheek.  It doesn’t mean that I am happy all day and all night.  It doesn’t mean I don’t get mad.  It doesn’t mean I don’t cry.  I am not turning cartwheels as the world crumbles around me.  I do not wear rose colored glasses.

Being a more positive person is simply a product of me realizing that if I didn’t curb my behavior and my thinking that I stood zero chance of finding the success I wanted personally and professionally.  I looked at my life and the things I didn’t have; namely joy.

I realized that my crappy life was the result of my crappy thinking.  Now you don’t have to accept this into your life, but it is the truth and the sooner you realize it the better off you will be.

It was easier for me to continue being negative than is was for me to change…so I chose the easy route and remained negative.

You can stand on a soapbox and declare to the world that the sky is falling, but the scary truth is the world is not coming to an end.  You are going to be on this little rock for quite sometime so you better settle in and get comfortable.  And possibly consider adjusting your attitude.

You think your life is worse off than the rest of us?  Are you so vain to think that your plight exceeds the plight of humanity.  You are no martyr my friend;  you are simply confused.  Everyone has awful things happen; it’s part of life.

I have MS.  I don’t sit around and complain about it.  This disease might end up putting me in a wheel chair; and in rare instances it kills!  If I wanted to, I could ride my a** around in a wheelchair and no one would question me.  But instead, I get out and speak to raise awareness to companies like Lowe’s Home Improvement, 2nd Harvest Food Bank, MS support groups.


Your negative mindset is going to continue to produce negativity in your life.  Having a positive mindset is not always going to produce positive results but it will produce more positive results than the alternative.

As a reformed Negative Ninny I am here to tell you the truth.  You are in control of your mind and if you have a choice, why would you not choose success over negativity.

I am glad I did.


48 thoughts on “A Negative Mind Is a Choice and Will Rarely, If Ever, Produce Success

  1. So true! I have days where I don’t feel like running: I used to think, “Crap, I HAVE to go run”. Now I think, “I GET to go run.” I have every advantage in life – I was born into a first world country, I’m healthy, I’m loved – who am I to feel anything less than positive?

  2. Reblogged this on Simply Etta D. and commented:
    “Being a more positive thinker does not mean that I smile at funerals. It does not mean that I turn the other cheek. It doesn’t mean that I am happy all day and all night. It doesn’t mean I don’t get mad. It doesn’t mean I don’t cry. I am not turning cartwheels as the world crumbles around me. I do not wear rose colored glasses.” ~Danny

  3. I remain negative about some things but I try to compartmentalize them so they don’t contaminate the rest of my thinking about other things. One strategy is that if I cannot change my negative thinking about a matter I try to delete it from my life but of course that is not always possible.

      1. It also infiltrates, immobilizes , distorts, perforates and demoralizes thinking causing despair all of which are not congruent with positive alternative realities. We have to design them though as you suggest.
        Recrafting thinking is not mere sugar coating or self delusional.

        Recrafting thinking is not sugar coating or self delusional.

  4. A relative I loved gifted me with a book by Debbie Ford, “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” telling me it changed her life outlook. She said I needed to read it. At first, I was offended. I never thought of myself as negative. Then, I became enlightened by its simple wisdom.

    Its essence… Examine those things which “bug” you the most, the same old things that get to us so easily, anger or irritate us repeatedly. Those are a reflection of the emotions, traits, etc. that we dislike/fear about ourselves. She helps to examine our dark side, and use it to find the gifts that are hidden there, reclaiming our authentic self.

    Brilliant read. Your post reminded me. Thought I’d share. 💔

      1. My pleasure. It made/ still makes a difference when I find myself being critical/judgmental. It’s always something I judge about myself, and that thought stops me in my tracks.

      2. You and I seem to battle the same demons. I think people under appreciate when I say I was a negative thinker because my blog is more positive. I still fight negativity daily!

      3. Sometimes, it’s the much needed face we need to project to the world. And that’s okay. We often become what we pretend to be. I understand. Thanks. 💝

      1. Danny,
        Because you have been through so much in life, you value all the little things you have. Not so for others, who have so much and want even more.

  5. Thank you fro writing this, I think it’s something I needed to hear. I’ve been pretty negative recently and didn’t really understand the whole WHY. It was my mind set; my goal is to now change my thinking patterns

    1. As a reformed negative thinker I now make myself go do something fun or silly. It always breaks my negative mentality. My favorites are staring at the clouds or playing with my dog, Bentley.

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