Article Share: 10 Ways to Embrace Change

We have talked in the past about being resistant to change and how it hinders our ability to grow.  If you are one of those that said, “I understand I should be more open to changing, but I just don’t get how to do it,” I have found a very informative post.  I have talked in the past about changing your habits to change your life and have expressed my belief that you must learn to be more open.

I found this article on Real Simple by Katherine Russell Rich talking about change:


When it came to change, my father had it licked. His motto was simply “Don’t let it happen to you.” He proudly wore the same tie he’d had since college. He moved house just three times―ever. But his town and his life were epicenters of low upheaval. For most of us, change is an unavoidable fact, something I (re)discovered when…continue reading






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12 thoughts on “Article Share: 10 Ways to Embrace Change

  1. Hi Danny,
    I loved this article and am trying to save it on my computer for a later read. Where did you get it from – is this person a regular blogger ?
    I like the fact that she says when change happens instead of the fight or flight reaction, one must sometimes learn to go with the flow and just wallow in the fallow period. People with superior intelligence might not be able to adapt to change as much as those with the ability to adapt themselves. In fact rather than going into survival mode when change comes to us, it is good to ease oneself into it and give it a chance- perhaps it is all for the best. Old timers were right- and even the Bible is right- do not give thought for the morrow for the morrow will take care of itself.

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