Why a Dream Life Will Require You to Change

Why a Dream Life Will Require You to Change

stock-illustration-13079513-cute-professions-setWhen we were kids we dreamed of being police officers, firemen/women, fighter pilots, princesses, presidents, deep sea divers, astronauts, etc.  Contrary to our dreams we ended up being bartenders, accountants, retail workers, engineers, sales staff, etc.  Not that these occupations are not admirable, but I don’t know many 8 year olds that say they are going to be an account executive for a bank versus a fighter pilot when they grow up.

I have a Walt Disney World stock certificate hanging in the bedroom which contains a quote from the visionary himself, “That’s what’s wrong with the world today, too many people grow up.”  And I think about that quote every single day and make sure that I just act goofy enough to remind myself that this life is a game and I try to play it like a kid.

I allow myself to laugh to tears at any chance, I tell stupid jokes that make no sense, I sing-song what I want to say every day (completely annoys Evelina), I look online at toys I had when I was young and reminisce about my youth, I fight each and every day to keep the kid in me alive and well because being an adult is so completely boring!!

So we exit childhood, head off to college or enter the workforce and work to obtain steady pay to take care of bills, get married, start a family and then live through the lives of our children…right?  Occasionally experiencing a moment of nostalgia in which we recall the person we used to be and the dreams we once had.

A 2013 Gallup Poll estimated an alarming 70% of those surveyed either hated their jobs or were completely disengaged, and not even incentives and extras were enough to change their views about their job.  Are you kidding me that 70% of us are working jobs that we hate??

So why not dare to dream?  And why not dare to be extraordinary?  Either that or you could spend your life working a job you hate only to get terminated after 10 years and then what are you left with?

Several months ago I had a friend of mine share with me how much he hated his job and felt trapped by it as he had to support his family, pay bills and take care of his responsibilities.  His thought was to just keep the course and maybe things would get better, but in the end, his focus needed to be on his family;  keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.  My first thought was…”are you kidding me, that is a horrible plan!!!!”

Debt concept.
Debt concept.

But I pulled myself together and dove deeper.  Come to find out he had zero financial freedom and couldn’t take a job he enjoyed and make less money nor could he take the risk of starting a business.  So my advice to him was to focus his entire life to becoming debt free!  Ultimately his issue wasn’t that he couldn’t find a job he enjoyed, it was that the way he lived his life disallowed him to attain freedom from a terrible job.

Remember, #2 in the rules of the universe is you must determine what you are willing to sacrifice to get what it is you desire. His life focus, mission and energy has to become solely focused on freeing his family from the horrors of debt.  And the debt must be attacked with faith, perseverance and desire!  Stop going to restaurants, stop drinking, stop smoking, disconnect cable, stop buying $1500 televisions, stop using credit cards and sacrifice for as long as it takes to gain freedom!

Identify the real problem and take action immediately!

One of my favorite past times is people watching as it is so much fun (and very educational)!  I especially like listening to people complain about their current life situation and troubles, which often revolve around relationship problems, loneliness, friend drama, or money; but mostly money.  I then look at how they squander their resources and the problem is usually evident!

Pinpoint an area of your life that is holding you back from living your Dream and work toward fixing the problem!!  If you are in too much debt then make your life mission to be debt free!  If you want a better job, then start taking classes to get a specialty degree and get that job!  If you want to meet that special someone, get off the couch and find ways to meet people!  If you are not happy where you live, then find a way to save money and move somewhere that you enjoy!

You are the commander of your life, the dictator of terms, the architect and designer so pick one thing to change and see it through, then pick another, then another, then another…build positive forward momentum.   Do not be afraid to identify with your dreams.  Don’t let naysayers tell you that you can’t.  Don’t allow fear and doubt to dictate your life course.

I challenge you to be extraordinary, bigger than life and fulfilled!


43 thoughts on “Why a Dream Life Will Require You to Change

  1. An interesting article with lots of good advice. As a funny aside when I did my teacher training I had a 9 year old who wanted to be an accountant when the rest of class wanted to policemen, footballers, horse trainers etc. He is now 16 and I bump into him occasionally and say hello but I’ve never asked him if he still wants to be an accountant.

      1. thanks I started my working like training to be an accountant and hated it. I took all my self control not to slap the boy silly until he promised to pick a different path – for his own good you understand.

  2. Great inspiration!! I completely agree. I needed to raise money to get online courses so I could work with deaf and hard of hearing infants and toddlers and raised the funds selling my paintings on my Etsy shop. I just completed this goal less then a week ago!

    Of course bills pile up and hope to get a steady income selling my paintings on there so I can do what I love.

    If you have a will you have a way. There are options open just have to have the right attitude regardless of what is ahead of you.

    1. Britt,
      This is such an honourable way to do the right thing and also achieve your goals. You could have chosen to blame the politicians or the government and say they are not doing enough but you chose to go it the hard and straight way, and that makes your success even more sweet.

  3. I am an accountant and can tell you with certainty that I never dreamed of being one. It’s a job, one that is disappearing rapidly where I’ve lost jobs many times from being outsourced ( thank you cloud technology!) numerous times. This post is a great reminder that your job is not your life and that your life is what you make of it. With enough drive and determination, most people can and should pay off their debt and live a life of freedom to choose their own destiny. I find that most people saddled with debt make excuses for why they can’t change. If they want it bad enough, they should think of that Nike commercial and “just do it”.

    1. You are so right. I watched Jim Carrey’s speech at the Maharishi University and it prompted the thought about working a job you hate for years only to get fired. If you stop and think about that it makes me wonder why so many do it. 70% hate their jobs, not dislike, but hate. That just blows my mind.

      1. I have felt that way for years. Just recently I have decided to stop hating it and find things I love about it. Also, I am trying to just be good at it. I’ve been doing insurance for almost 15 years and one day I will get out, but for now, I am going to start doing the best I can at my job. Especially since I don’t really hate it, I just didn’t know what I loved or what else I wanted to do.

      2. I have counseled a few who have been in a similar situation. I always advise to find a way to tolerate the job and then find fulfillment and value in something outside of work to add meaning to life.

  4. Thank you! I am on disability, but I do believe that even with my limited resources, I too can dream big. I want to visit Maine… I have since I was a child. Today I will begin saving for a trip. It may take me 3 or more years to save for it, but I will get there! Your tips are always so encouraging!

  5. Your post could not have reached me at a better time! The stars must be aligning lol I had a job interview today and it went well! Even better, the job I really wanted got back to me the same day they want an interview I feel really pumped about 2016 right now! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post and reminding me I am on the right path! 🙂

  6. Such an amazing post and so well written. I made the stupid mistake when I left school to think of becoming a chef or going into the hotel industry. It took working there and realising my cooking was not up to standard to change career. Now I am at college doing a course I enjoy and have a passion for. But we all have to keep the kid alive in us and not focus on doing something for money. We all need to be doing something we enjoy.. Otherwise what is the point in getting out of bed and going to work 😊😊

  7. Danny,
    Great post and thank you for reminding me that even at 46, I can dream. I am a trained physician but have not practiced for about 10 years. I work in administration and it gives me plenty of money and some more but I am always haunted by that feeling that I am not doing what I want to do or what I trained to do. In my work place I try to behave with integrity though I do cut corners here and there and that is a perk to my position( like coming in to work later and leaving early) but I too think the grass can be greener on the other side. I am saving up for a degree which I hope will give me a better job but who knows, by the time I am done with the degree, maybe I will be too old.

    1. Everyone should have dreams! Not just professionally but personally too. I have a dream to own a small little house on an ocean somewhere on this rock. One day I will be lulled to sleep by the crashing of the waves!

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