Featured Bloggers 1/12/16: Networking 101

Featured Bloggers 1/12/16: Networking 101


I see that this post gets a lot of views throughout the day, but not so many clicks on the links.  Let me remind you of the purposes of the post:

  1. Help you find new and fun blogs to read
  2. To help you find new blogs to follow and thus find new followers for yourself
  3. To assist in building a community of people with diverse beliefs and views thus expanding our worldview!

After all, how can you expect someone to visit your page if you are not willing to visit their page?  I produce this post to help you connect a grow your blog so take advantage of bloggers that are delivered to your doorstep.  All that you have to do is click on their page, read and follow.  If they don’t follow back after a couple days, then unfollow them if you want.

Each night I compare the number of views against the number of clicks and the click numbers are low, which tells me people are not participating.  So if you like the segment and want me to keep doing it click or I’m gonna move on to doing something else.

Click Bloggers if you missed yesterday’s segment.

Here are the Featured Bloggers for January 12, 2016:

Restored Ministries Blog

Laissez Faire

Never Less Than Everything

The Best Things in Life

Son of a Beach96

Art of Life Coaching

The Pink Herald’s Blog

Pamela D. Beverly

Southern Georgia Bunny


Here is a self-hosted site that I have followed way before I began blogging.  Taco Girl lives in Belize and talks about her life living as an expat.  Really cool blog!

Taco Girl

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