Why Bloggers Blog: The Power of Connecting

Why Bloggers Blog: The Power of Connecting

Why do we blog?  The answers to this question vary greatly.  If I were to ask 1,000 bloggers why they spend countless hours writing and networking for little to no money, I would receive 1,001 different answers.

Many write to express themselves.  Some write to relieve the pain of an emotional scar.  A few blog to make money.  Some, like myself, write to help others.   But when all is said and done, I think we all blog to connect with others!

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We want to write something so that someone, somewhere in this crazy world reads and relates to our experience.


It is the essence of being human.  And, as science tells us, human beings do not develop fully if isolated; we require interaction with other people.

I will admit that the newness of receiving a comment on my page has not worn off.  Each time the bell tone on my iPhone rings notifying me of a comment or LIKE, I grin inside. Each time someone emails me and says thanks for writing that post or your link is broken in post XYZ, I grin.

If you have followed me for any length of time you have read posts in which I admit that I am an avid stat watcher.  I track, log, measure, obsess over everything!   Watching my stats is a part of blogging that I love.  I love watching my views go up and I love watching my unique visits increase.  The more details the better!

With all that said, what I enjoy the most about blogging are the conversations and making new blog friends.  It is connecting that makes blogging so incredible.









46 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Blog: The Power of Connecting

  1. How can you not smile when someone likes something you put out there into the universe? You are correct in it feels like I am not alone in this but someone understands what I am saying.

  2. Hi, I really agree with you.. Each individual has a unique reason to blog but in the end it comes to interact with others… We live a time that we can connect with all people, races, countries as technology allow us… And this its the beauty of it… I have just started blogging and each comment is a gift…

  3. Me, too, I really get a kick out of every “like”, comment and follow. My blog was registered two years ago this month and my first post was in February. Am thinking about what/if I should do something to mark either of those milestones….

    1. I still find it amazing that someone in Australia reads my page. That is as far away from the U.S. as it gets. Half way around the globe and they read something I write. Incredible!

  4. Your phone must “ding” a lot 😉

    I remember being so surprised the first time that someone in India visited my site (well, I guess I’m still surprised when that happens!). Blogging makes the world seem so much smaller.

  5. This is so on point. I guess it kind of surprised me when I started how supportive and wonderful this blogging community is. You hear so many horror stories about hateful basement trolls and harsh commenting that I never expected it to be so positive.

    1. There are some trolls but for the most part they go away if you ignore. I have 1 that has emailed me since last summer, but I don’t even open the mail anymore; straight to the trash bin.

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