Why I Believe Helping Others Also Helps You

Why I Believe Helping Others Also Helps You

I have talked to a lot of people lately that have told me they are feeling a little down.  I understand that feeling “down” is not necessarily depression, but can be the beginnings of a road most would prefer to avoid.  These conversations got me thinking about the best way to beat the doldrums and pull oneself out of a funk.


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Often times when we feel down we spend too much time focusing on ourselves. Stop and reflect back on your last bout with the blues (not depression, that is an entirely different conversation) and think about how much of your thoughts focus on your feelings, your desires, your mood, your problems.

I have a challenge: the next time you are feeling down, do something charitable for someone in need.

If you do not like an outcome, then change the actions that produced said undesirable outcome.

Instead of moping around, lying on the couch and watching 47 straight hours of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, go volunteer your Saturday at the local soup kitchen. Go spend time at the nursing home volunteering.

As we get older we tend to fall into habits and patterns that are strongly engrained into our behavior. But as we all know behavior can be modified if we are aware and willing to work to change. So to those that have expressed feelings of the blues and unhappiness, try my suggestion.

I believe helping others is the gateway to fulfillment.  After all, charity is one of the few acts that all philosophies and religions agree to be a key to fulfillment.

Change your actions, change your life!



46 thoughts on “Why I Believe Helping Others Also Helps You

    1. I agree, but life is not always roses. It takes incredible strength to reach out, but change of action is mandatory to see change in results. Thank you for the comment!

  1. Great advice! I was going thru a very difficult period many many moons ago and it was suggested to me also to pray for others to be healed/relieved of the suffering I found myself in rather than pray for myself. A transformation took place the more I found myself being concerned for others, which led to actually really helping others. BTW there is a great visualization practice that is helpful too, where one opens oneself up and absorbs the suffering of the others as black smoke on the in-breath into ones heart where it is transformed by love and compassion into white light and radiated out to them on the out-breath. Extremely helpful for me. I was lightened and filled with positive energy to actually do for others, which gave new meaning to my existence rather than wading in a pool of my own stew.
    (Love your work here!)

  2. I beg to differ with you on one point. While someone who is just down in the dumps might be able to manage your suggestions, those of us with real diagnosed depression, Bipolar in my case, may not be able to do that. When I am in the throes of deep depression I do nothing and think of suicide. My meds are still being worked on. I am more stable right now than I have ever been, but sometimes they don’t last and back to the medication boards we go. Good ideas though.

    1. That is why I was very clear to state “not depression, that is an entirely different conversation.” I am not qualified to speak to people about diagnosed cases of depression.

  3. A brilliant solution that always works. Volunteering/ helping one who can offer you nothing in return will always change your perspective, and get you out of that sometimes self-obsessed downward path. Good advice here, Danny. ☺

    1. Not to take away from your comment though. Yes, you are correct. And a change in perspective is just what is needed when we are feeling a little down. Most times we only think our life sucks. But as the saying goes…if we through our problems into a giant pile for all to see, we would quickly reach in and take ours back.

  4. very true and good advice for everyone, if we all helped others when were were down, the world would be a much better place in short order, we are all down sometimes! Thank you for posting. Michelle

  5. Great advice, Danny! I agree that when we feel down, we’re often focusing too much on ourselves, and need to find a way to break out of our thought/behavioural patterns.

  6. A very difficult thing to do sometimes, but worth all the sacrifice in the end. I always feel better when I focus on others more than I do myself. By the way, Jason form OM sent me here.

    1. Welcome! It is easy to get too focused on ourselves. Hopefully more people will take up your practice of helping others! The world would be a better place! OM is a great guy! I appreciate you taking a sec to say hi!

    1. Hi Jill! Thanks and I will tell Jason you stopped by! I am pleases to read feedback and the fact that your first experience on my page is a positive one makes me happy!

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