Always Being Late


24 thoughts on “Always Being Late

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  2. I like to think from the other side of the spectrum, even though I do hate when my friends are always late, but what about those moments when your 2-year-old is crying and throwing a fit as you try to drag them out the door, or those moments when your life is a mess and you don’t know which way is up? I believe that if it impacts someone else’s time you should be considerate but should we also be considerate of what is going on for the person on the other end? Maybe you have attempted many times to help them or ask them how they could use help and they just are that, inconsiderate, but maybe not. I instill in my children to pause before reacting to anything, although I am not so good at it myself and think what could be going on in the others person life.

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    • Yes, but we are referring to habitual offenders, not once in a while folk. And not all people that have kids are late every where they go. I don’t relax much on accepting excuses. I don’t have kids yet, but I do have friends that have kids. And of those friends, the ones that were on time before children are on time post children and those that were habitually late are still late. lol

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    • I once had a serious conversation with a friend about always being late. She was ALWAYS late by 30 minutes or more! And when I spoke to her, her perception was that she was only sometimes late and not too late that often. It is amazing how some people are not self-aware.


  4. I’m a bit guilty and I saw this once before and said I MUST change!
    When I was younger, college age and 20s-30s, I set my watch 5 minutes ahead to help. Then I had a job for 20 years that had us synchronize our watches and we HAD to be on time (or earlier). Then I grew older and busier. My husband despises being late so we’re not late as much….but in my defense, I’m not late because I’m “primping” (I wear no make up and have a wash, blow and go hairstyle). But what I am doing is usually taking care of someone else….
    We all need to hold up a mirror when we see something like this and examine ourselves! I now try to not set others up for disappointment. Mainly my mom, now 92 years old. I stopped telling her I’ll be there at 11, I say, “I’ll call you when I’m on my way.” Then she knows I’ll be there in 10 minutes, usually around 11:15!
    It’s a lifetime of trying to be the best person I can be.

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    • Well, we can’t all be perfect, right? So we take things in stride and realize that some things are more important than others and making that judgment call is up to the individual. Thanks for leaving your thoughts for others to read!

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  5. Once in a while people have a good reason to be late and if it’s a delay that couldn’t possibly have been expected we excuse that, but I agree, that when people are habitually late, it’s not being considerate of others. I would go along with it once or twice, but after that I would avoid making any commitments with that person.

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