My Thought of the Day – January 20, 2016


Be the person that considers keeping their word a sacred oath; a precious gem.  You must make your word your bond and show those in your life that you are a man or woman of high character and principles. – Daniel Ray, Is Your Word Your Bond: How Keeping Your Promises Impacts Your Life

22 thoughts on “My Thought of the Day – January 20, 2016

    • You are 100% correct. I have not offered recommendations for friends in the past because of simple ways in which they break their word. I will not have someone else’s actions tarnish my reputation.

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  1. I enjoyed the article and will admit this is my biggest frustration. I am known to be late, but I arrive. I meet all other deadlines I commit to and am finding that I am one of only a few. Learning to break ties with those who take their word so lightly and not internalize why it is so easy for them to dismiss these commitments is painful but necessary. Thank you for voicing for me out loud! 🙂

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