Space…The Final Frontier!

Space…The Final Frontier!

I was speaking to a few friends of mine about the possibility of life existing somewhere else in our massive universe.  It amazes me to think about the immensity of our universe and how trivial my problems become.

The earth would fit 1 million times in the sun!  And scientists recently discovered a star that could hold 100 million of our suns!!  Incomprehensible!  I understand why man has dreamed of space travel as it is the ultimate adventure and…”the final frontier!”

If they discovered life on another planet or in another galaxy, how would that affect our lives?  And by “life” I am referring to plant, animal, germ cells, water, etc.; I am not referring to grays or E.T.s.  I can understand the impact of an alien ship landing in Washington, but I am talking about an event much less dramatic.  For instance, if 3 years from now scientists put a probe on a nearby planet and discover a plant, will we be excited and able to comprehend the impact on our society?

If life were discovered, many religious beliefs would need to be reevaluated.  Many philosophical ideals about human existence would require retooling.  The ramifications of otherworldly life would change our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe.  After all, it was not very long ago that humans believed the Earth was the center of the entire universe.  And men that argued the fact were killed!  So, it is not out of the realm of possibility.

How would religious institutions respond?  Abrahamic based religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) use the creation story to explain the uniqueness of Earth and the uniqueness of mankind.  Would life on another planet jeopardize this core pillar of creationism?  Whatever the reaction, it would definitely bring up many philosophical dilemmas.

I think about these types of things to anticipate how I will respond in the future.  I personally believe that humankind is on the brink of amazing discoveries in the neighboring galaxies and that the discovery of otherworldly life is inevitable.   For me it is inconceivable and improbable that we are alone in this massive universe.  And I think we are due for a game-changing discovery.  Either way, it is so incredibly fascinating to contemplate!



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  1. Even in Christianity, who’s to say that we were the first created world. Sure I believe God created the heavens and the universe like is explained in Genesis, but what if just like us, He had already created another world here on the earth before us. Maybe with the fall of Satan and the damage done then, the world had to be created again. This would sure explain the age of the earth according to scientists and still explain a Christian perspective as well. One of the Bible commentaries that I read recently, brought up this idea. Who knows… I suppose this would explain a lot if it were true. So many questions to explore and wonder about. One thing is sure, we will never completely know the truth until we die. There’s either something more out there or we just simply turn to dust and pass away. Only time will tell… I’m hopeful that there’s more and I’m living life expecting it!

      1. Yes, it is fun speculating. I love just wondering about all these things. The universe is such a mystery and I love a good theory. Still… I can’t deny my own personal experiences and what I ultimately believe. Each one of us has a different perspective and I don’t think anyone is 100% certain about everything.

  2. Danny,
    I am a Christian and I don’t think the Bible or any of its teachings speaks against the existence of life on other planets. If I remember correct, there is often reference to earth and other stars- what is to prevent life in other planets or stars, perhaps those that do not require air, water, sunlight and so on for survival.
    For me, I cannot think of much beyond me and my life because that itself consumes almost all of my time, energy and mental faculties.

    1. But the Bible is explicit in describing man as a unique, one-of-a-kind creation, “made in His image.” No other creature is described in this manner. If eventually intelligent life is found that might be the big dilemma, maybe not just any type of life. Good point.

  3. I love thinking about stuff like this. I personally believe, from my religious belief as a Mormon, that life does exist on other planets, much like our own. And that life continues on after this life. What awaits us is grader then our imagination, or science can conjure up.

    1. My thoughts go two separate directions…either the probabilities work in the favor of life in other worlds or our situation is so incredibly unique and the perfect factors came into place to allow for life and it exists no where else but here.

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