My Healthy Living Update – 1/26/16

My Healthy Living Update – 1/26/16

As many of you might be aware I had to recommit myself to focusing on my healthy lifestyle following a little too much fun over the holidays.

First, I want to refresh your memory about my plan.  I focus on a few simple keys that have brought success in the past and are delivering success today:

  1. Monitor my daily caloric intake using my Lose It app.
  2. Exercise daily by walking the dog
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Eat plenty of healthy snacks between meals (i.e. low fat cottage cheese, fresh fruits, nuts, low fat yogart, chips and salsa, etc.)
  5. Mix in veggies as much as possible
  6. Eat lots of lean meats (turkey, chicken)
  7. Weekly weigh-in to track success
  8. I read the following mantra several times per day:

    My desire is to lose 20 pounds (165 lbs.)  by April 30, 2016.  To reach my goal I will sacrifice eating sweets, junk food, fatty foods and sodas.  I will also sacrifice my time twice per day and commit to walking around my neighborhood.  I will eat 1800-1900 calories per day, consisting of 3 meals and 3 snacks and will strictly limit my night time snacking.  I will track my caloric intake each time I eat with my LoseIt app.  I know that if I execute this plan and consume fewer calories than I burn that my body will do its job and burn fat.  I will commit to this plan no matter how bad the junk food cravings get nor what other people say; I will persevere!


So last Monday I weighed-in at 181.4 and yesterday I weighed 179.2; a nice 2 pound drop! I didn’t hit any speed bumps last week so I was expecting more than a one pound loss and I was proven right.  Sometimes I will indulge on a little sour candy, but I didn’t.  The worse meal I ate was Sunday night during the football game when I ate 6 honey BBQ wings.

My ultimate goal is to eat healthy enough to have my body balance out around 165 pounds.  I consulted with my doctor a couple years ago and he informed me that for my age, body type and height my ideal weight will fall between 165-172 lbs.  So I have set the bottom weight of that scale as my goal.  I nearly hit that number last summer, but alas, life got the better of me.

For those of you that have always struggled with weight AND desire to shed a few pounds, I want to let you in on a mentality change that I consider the secret to my success: focus on living a healthier lifestyle, not on losing weight.  I interviewed a friend of Evelina’s last year that lost a tremendous amount of weight.  She did so by consulting with her doctor and working with him to develop a plan.  Also, she used her weigh-in as a tool only.  Her life focus was to be able to do more things like run with her friends, play sports or walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing.

Her focus was a healthy lifestyle, not losing weight.

Another issue that I got emailed on this past week has to do with how I deal with cravings.  I am going to be completely honest and let you know I don’t have a lot of cravings, but a couple are cheeseburgers and sour candy.  I have been overcoming these cravings by keeping my belly full.  I have begun eating sunflower seeds to keep my mouth occupied and drinking tons of water, which has helped tremendously with cravings.  But the other thing I use is determination and will power.  I don’t rely solely on will power as it gets fatigued like a muscle and needs rest.  But what I lean on a lot is my mantra.  I read it several times per day to remind myself of my goal and why I started this journey in the first place.  That helps a ton!

Having lost 6 lbs so far has already made a difference in how my clothes fit which is super motivation!  It is nice to put on a pair of pants or a shirt and have a little extra room.  It is one bit of feedback I find rewarding and I gain a tremendous amount of inspiration to keep up the good work!

With that said, I am pleased as punch with my progress and look forward to hitting my goal next Monday of 178lbs! If you want to join me on Lose It you can email me and I will send you the email you can use to locate me on the app.





35 thoughts on “My Healthy Living Update – 1/26/16

  1. “focus on living a healthier lifestyle, not on losing weight.” This is the key! If you love healthy food, you won’t crave as much junk food. I noticed that myself. I am not a person that craves junk food, I don’t drink soda, but this is because I got used to eating healthier. When I crave something from a fast food, I make it myself. Good luck on your journey.

    1. Thank you Silvia! I like doing the Updates because it keeps me honest throughout the week. The last thing I want to do is post that I failed in reaching my goal! lol I hate losing so I look at it as a game that I want to win badly.

      1. I know you will do awesome! I am rooting for you! If you do an update on your site, leave a link in the comments or email it to me and I’ll reblog for you on a Tuesday, my health day.

    1. It is nice! Last summer I was down to 167 and people kept asking me if I was sick. I said no, everybody just isn’t use to seeing a healthy person these days. lol

      1. last time Evelina and I were at the beach, I sat and watched people and could not believe my eyes. People make such poor food choices and wonder why we are an obese nation. lol

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! And as I have said, if you decide to use Lose It I’ll look you up. Btw, I’m not paid by the app company, although for all this free ad I should! lol

  2. Congratulations! Husband is trying to lose some weight so I am cutting back with him. We eat fairly healthy but I think the extra calories come from wine so we are limiting wine to the weekend for now. I agree that one should focus on a healthy lifestyle, not just losing weight. And a healthy lifestyle includes exercise of some sort. Keep us posted!

  3. Good luck with your health journey. I love how you describe the best way to lose weight is to focus on living a healthy lifestyle, rather than dieting. Dieting usually implies “all the food you can’t have” and that can create problems.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing!


    1. Thank you for taking a moment and leaving your thoughts! The other problem with “diet” is it has an eventual end date. And I will be posting an update every Tuesday if you want to keep up.

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