Reblog: It’s all about faith.

 I cried as I read this post as it represents the essence of what I am learning about the man behind the blog.

I have spent nearly 30 minutes this morning reading through Fonz’ page trying to find the perfect post to pass on to you about overcoming.  You think you have difficulties?  The next time you think to complain about your wifi being too slow or someone hurt your feelings or your life sucks, read any one of this man’s posts.  His strength inspires me and I am glad that he and I are slowly becoming friends.  It reminds of a quote by Regina Brett: 

β€œIf we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.”


Source: It’s all about faith.


26 thoughts on “Reblog: It’s all about faith.

    1. Faith his dog is a small part of his amazing story. This post, in light of what Fonz has been through, brought tears to my eyes. He is an incredible overcomer!

  1. Danny thanks for being open, honest and like you say “a friend” friendships are built over time. Thank you so much for making my Faith blog the most read today… You are helping my blog be a success. Thank you 😊

    1. I searched for the post that I felt captured your story and for some reason this one spoke to me. Honestly, I have tears from telling Evelina your story. I am a bit emotional today because I am having a bad pain day. Your story puts my life in perspective. I don’t have it so bad. You never need to thank me…I need to thank you.
      Your friend,

      1. Danny can I tell you something. I will always give you rope,and will never judge you just love you. Don’t make excuses, u have reasons and I know that. I will hear from you when you want to and feel you can. Ok. 😊😍

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