Dream Chasing Isn’t Always About Reaching Your Goals: The Power of Trying

Dream Chasing Isn’t Always About Reaching Your Goals: The Power of Trying


There is a misunderstanding about dream chasers that some non-doers struggle with: chasing dreams isn’t always about achieving the goal. I have received a few emails lately about chasing dreams that seem unattainable or unrealistic.  The question that was posed to me concerned whether I would support a friend’s dream even if it was legitimately impossible.  I have thought about it and put forth the following thoughts…

First, we have discussed the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, forward thinking, successful people.  And this one topic is a perfect example as to why a good support system is essential.  You need a solid support group to help you honestly evaluate your dreams versus wishes.  I never want to discourage anyone from chasing dreams, but do not want to see people chase wishes.  A dream is something that a person is passionate about, cannot live without and wants to possess no matter the cost.  For instance, it would be silly for me to set a goal of becoming an NBA player at 42 years of age if I have not spent time determining if this is a passion or a wishlist item.  If it is a wishlist then save the time and energy and find a worthwhile activity to focus on.  If it is a dream then your support system will help you identify it as such and help you develop a plan.  Just because there hasn’t been a 42 year old rookie, doesn’t mean it is completely out of the realm of possibility!

Secondly, sometimes the value of dream chasing is found in the journey not goal achievement.  Take our previous NBA dream at 42.  If I committed myself to working out, got in the best condition of my life, challenged myself physically and mentally to push beyond all obstacles and made it to a tryout…maybe that is the victory!   Not all dreams will be fully realized and that is okay!  There is power in trying.  In our previous NBA example I may never play in the league, but might achieve a physical fitness level that might launch a new career of training older athletes.  Always keep in mind that journeys don’t always end up at the intended destination.  And we always get these nuggets of unexpected side effects: greater confidence, strengthened character, stronger perseverance, etc.  And these new additions assist and propel us into our next great adventure.


Lastly, if people from the past had listened to those that used the “impossible” word, then we may not have the 8-cylinder engine, flight or electricity!  Tesla, Edison, Ford and the Wright brothers were all laughed at and told they were wasting their time.  Years of perseverance eventually paid off and they made the impossible, possible.  There have been hundreds of examples of the paralyzed walking after being told they would never again stand on their own.  Cancer survivors that were told they only had a few months to live.  History is full of stories of the impossible being made possible.

My recommendation is to support the friend and help in every way you can.  Do not be the naysayer nor the discourager.  They may not walk on the moon, but they just might launch themselves into the stars!



23 thoughts on “Dream Chasing Isn’t Always About Reaching Your Goals: The Power of Trying

    1. I responded to that paticular email because I see way too many “normals” crushing and stomping on dreamers that leave the herd. Why is following the norm so celebrated and dream chasing so criticized? Resentment? Jealousy?

  1. I love this! I myself am a dreamer and am lucky to have a support group that pushes me. Sometimes I think a dream has passed me by and I should move it to the wish list (like writing and blogging) and my support group is like, what’s wrong with you? Go for it! Having a solid support system is amazing because sometimes as a dreamer I need someone that can see life from the ground and not always from the clouds where my head is. They give me perspective and guidance both when a dream is really a wish and when a wish is really a dream Love this post. Do you feel a reblog coming on? You’re right. Switching to my laptop now 😉

    1. Your exactly right. This is why I preach the importance of your friend group. You have to have people that will ground you when needed, but let you fly when necessary!

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    I couldn’t help but think of my own dream of writing when I read this. This post is on the same wavelength as my quote challenge post yesterday about not giving up on your dreams. Danny does such a great job giving dreams and wishes perspective as well as explaining why someone’s dream might still come true even if it’s not what you thought. A great read, I promise!

  3. I like your post! The importance of knowing a wish from a dream is something to ponder on.
    I am a dreamer and often people think I am a real weirdo seeing me running around all dressed up medieval, steampunk or zombie style 🙂
    If there are naysayers I found that often these are the ones with very ordinary lives* who actually have a fear of realising that this is not what they want.

    Diclaimer: nothing wrong with an ordinary life is that is what you want and dream of.

  4. This post is very timely for me. We watched “Tomorrowland” last night which had a theme surrounding “dreamers”. They were being recruited because the rest of the population tried to put out their dreams. (that is a poor synopsis but fits what I am getting at here). I had dreams of becoming a baker and a writer when I was young but was told that they weren’t practical. At 46, I went to culinary school, became a cake designer and caterer. Now, at 57, I am blogging and writing a book. The catering had to stop because of my health, and the book may never get published, but as you said, something it is all in the trying!

    1. There are moments that become reference points, times we look back upon with clarity. Some call these defining moments. Hopefully, more people learn to step in the positive direction when given these moments!

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