4 Things You Need to Eliminate From Your Life That Will Make You More Fulfilled

4 Things You Need to Eliminate From Your Life That Will Make You More Fulfilled

Too often we conduct our lives in such a way that life actually runs us instead of vice versa.  I have used the term “live an intentional life” in the past when discussing this, but what does it actually mean?  To me, living a life of intention means determining what you want, determining the plan to get what you want and then executing that plan.  In this way you control the parts of life that you can control, leaving fewer things to chance.   And part of the planning process is determining what you need to eliminate or sacrifice to get what or where you want.

I talked to thousands of people last year via email, speaking engagements and blog comments all expressing their wish to get ahead or experience more personal and professional success.  Yet, when I watch the vast majority of people, they simply struggle with taking control of their lives.  So I have come up with a list of 4 Things You Need to Eliminate From Your Life That Will Make You More Fulfilled:


Watching the tube is the national past-time in the United States.  Each year the average American will watch 5 hours of television each day.  That means if a person lives to see 70 years of age, they will have watched television for 15 of those 70 years.  And that’s on average!  So here is what I suggest: eliminate your pay television service.  There is a world of wonderment waiting to be explored, which you are missing while you watch television. Get outside and walk.  Take up gardening. Learn to paint.  Make a list of the books you have always wanted to read and start checking them off.  Go for an evening drive. OR go back to school at night and finish your degree.  I often wonder how people’s lives and the world would be different if more of us used that 5 hours each day to participate in a more useful activity.

Life is what happens while you are busying making other plans. – John Lennon

Or in most people’s case, watching television.

9 ottobre 2011 Trieste - 43/a edizione della regata velica " Barcolana"
image: Phone Time/Maurizio Constano

Technology Addiction

I recently saw a meme titled Smart Phone Zombie Apocalypse.  In the picture were college kids walking across campus and 99% of them were walking while staring at their phones. This is fairly commonplace these days.  But like television, there is a world that exists outside of technology.  Facebook, Twitter, selfies, foodies, usies,  Snapchat…you name it and it exists to devour our attention.  There is now a term for the fear of being without one’s smartphone: nomophobia.  And according to Psychology Today, this phobia affects 40% of modern societies.  And just like television, technology is gobbling up your fulfillment and robbing you of happiness.  I understand the want of clicking photos in order to capture the moment, but often time, the technology is a major distraction from the real, live events going on right in front of you!  The more you ween yourself from this anchor, the more experiences in which you will be fully engaged.  And in the end, life is all about experiences.

Unsupportive People

This is a tough one as no one wants to end friendships, but sometimes you just need to realize it is time to begin the process of distancing yourself.  And not being supportive occurs in many ways, not just being obviously negative and contrary.   Having people in your life that don’t support you robs you of two crucial things: 1. encouragement and help in living your dreams, and 2. life energy that could be used to produce positive and productive results.  I know too many people that are surrounded by naysayers and negative thinkers which stifles that persons growth and expansion.  There comes a time in life when you must gauge how much energy you are using as you drag those anchors around. My general rule is to surround myself with people that tell me the truth, not what I want to hear, while also supporting me with positive vibes and encouraging actions.

Staying Busy

There is a difference between being productive and staying busy.  Busy people want to create the illusion that they are working with purpose while productive people live with purpose.  I have noticed that busy people tend to be mostly disorganized and have many tasks going on simultaneously, yet rarely finish anything.  Busy people will often express to others that they have no time, meanwhile life passes them by at lightning fast speeds and in the end they have accomplished little to nothing.  I believe that allowing life to run you instead of you running your life is the main difference between staying busy and being productive.  Find one purpose for your life, take control of your schedule by eliminating the busy work and begin to slow yourself down.  I have watched too many “busy bodies” waste years of their life only to realize their waste and experience tremendous regret. Take inventory of your schedule and begin taking control.


Life moves so quickly these days and it is easy to allow our lives to get a bit out of control.  Instead of living life we get wrapped up in things that kill time, which results in unhappiness and regret.  In order to live a more fulfilled life take inventory of how you use your time and energy.

Cut back on the television and get out more. Stare at the clouds or hold your spouses hand on a walk at the park.  Take time to invest yourself in people and experiences instead of technology and schedules.  If you heed the words in this post and take time to live life, I promise you will begin to fill your heart and mind with an energy that television, technology and staying busy will never bring you.









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  1. What a great post. For me I’ve found that the best way to create intention is to write a ‘to do” list every day with clear plans on what I want to achieve. Most times I get everything done and generally I find I have more time then to do what I truly love. Sometimes things get in the way but generally if I’m focused and stay on track I make the most of my day. Life does move quickly but it’s up to us how we decide to spend it.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    What a wonderful post!!!! Everyone should take some advice from this post.
    Getting rid of unsupportive people is definitely the biggest for me. It’s so hard to live a positive life when you’re in a negative environment.
    They say that you are the productive of the 5 people who you spend the most time with, so make sure that those 5 people are amazing, inspiring, positive and motivating people. BE AWESOME & KICK ASS.

  3. I guess I better stop read in blogs…just kidding we all just need a balance. I believe it is ok to enjoy some TV and movies and technology but we must not forget what is truly important. People.

  4. Great post Danny. I fully agree with avoiding television and minimizing technology. They gobble up more time than most of us realize, which you’ve captured perfectly. A suggestion on technology: check email and texts twice a day, at pre-determined times. Let your contacts know what you’re doing and they’ll conform to your new routine.

    As for busy-bodies, I agree and think they are often caught-up in multi-tasking, which we used to think was an efficient way to accomplish much. Research instead shows that multitasking lowers productivity and quality, and certainly can leave one feeling ineffective and overwhelmed. Prioritize tasks and do one at a time, start to finish. If interrupted, go back to the top priority as quickly as possible. It’s very satisfying to complete important tasks.

    Thanks for the post, great summary for effective living.

    1. Yes! I was going to write a post once on multi-tasking but I found it boring so I stuck it in drafts. It is the least effective way to do any activity, just above doing nothing at all! lol

  5. I agree with all said and try to live outside the technology world. What I took from the post is being busy vs being productive. My days are super full, I will keep an eye out for the effectiveness of my actions. Thank you

    1. I think it is easy to confuse being busy with being productive. This principle is one reason I use a 4 item To Do list. I helps me prioritize and produce better quality. And it helps me feel more relaxed. I hate feeling busy.

    1. That is awesome. Evelina and I have been discussing things we want to practice once we have a family and eating meals together is 100% on that list. Too few families eat together any more and talk about their day.

    1. I will admit that most of the time I am overly critical of my own content. But I liked that line also when he came to me. Not to sound vain. lol I appreciate that you took a few moments and commented.

  6. ::shaking fists in frustration:: Aaarrggh! Okay, Danny, I’m convicted. I know that I am guilty of solidly half of this list. We’ve been TV-free for five years now, but streaming movies are my guilty pleasure and I spend HOURS watching them. I also tend to use the words “busy” and “productive” rather fluidly. In my own defense, I do have seven children — four of whom are teenagers. I gotta release my crazy somehow and I am sooo not a lover of the great outdoors. Icky bugs and humidity. Need I say more?

  7. Funnily enough, thanks to Netflix, watching TV has become a more social, bonding activity. The TV isn’t on constantly, like it used to be, and when we do occasionally watch something together, it’s a conscious choice and it gives us something common to talk about.

  8. Reblogged this on itsallbuki and commented:
    There comes a time in a person’s life when you need to identify those things you need to eliminate from your life to get your desired fulfillment. I love this post from Danny. In your case, you might need to identify more than these 4 things he did.

  9. Phenomenal observations, encouragement and advice. I am especially thrilled with the “busy people”. I’ve met a lot of busy; yet, unproductive people in my life. . . eh, I work with many . . .#ShadeThrown lolz. Very effective post! ♥ Egypt

  10. When I cut back tv time (there was no longer anything worth watchin) I got very much more time for my art. But then I entered the wp world and now….well, I often get caught on wp reading blogs and leave comments, so again my artmaking get less time than before some days.
    I agree with your four things, you are right about this. I’m not on any other social media than wp and I don’t watch much tv, but I work long days in some parts of the year and that’s maybe making me fake busy or real busy, I don’t know. Maybe it’s about how to prioritize. Anyway, I will never let my artmaking time go away again ever, like I did when I was younge. That will always be a top priority and tv will be the opposite:)

      1. I should do like that too. I’m very focused and structure at work, but when I get home I like when I do not have to be organized. But I realize I could gain something by planning my wp time better.

  11. I’m so glad my TV now stays turned off most of the time. I never realized that most of the frustration in my life came right out of that screen. in lak’ech, Debra
    FYI – I didn’t do it consciously, I got busy doing something else and it just fell away.

    1. Family is always a tough situation. Especially a spouse. I guess one either develops the confidence to continue on despite a spouses lack of support or not continue on. But still a tough situation.

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