Dealing With Other’s Expectations

credit: calvin and hobbes/Bill Watterson

32 thoughts on “Dealing With Other’s Expectations

  1. This is hitting very close to home for me. My son is an A+ student but constantly puts pressure on himself to keep it up. Causes him so much stress, even though we tell him it’s okay if he gets a lower mark as long as he does his best. He is his own worst enemy, expecting too much of himself.

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  2. Without expectations you’ll never grow beyond yourself, You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.
    Falling right on one’s nose is part of it. The important thing is to get up again.

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  4. This is good. People put higher expectations on others than they to themselves. I know cheating and money issues are the top two reasons for divorce. But I bet not meeting unrealistic expectations isn’t too far behind.

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    • That is an interesting angle. I struggle with advice about unsupportive mates because Evelina is my friend and best cheerleader. I am going to put some research into the marriage topic. Thanks for the inspiration!


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