Is the “Right Now” Mentality Inhibiting Our Willingness to Change?

Is the “Right Now” Mentality Inhibiting Our Willingness to Change?

I had planned to take Saturday off, but as usual my mind was sparked, which led to contemplation, which leaves me here typing and wondering…is the “right now” mentality inhibiting our willingness to change?

We get so much in civilized society so fast.  Want to eat…fast food.  Want the latest news…Twitter.  Want to speak face-to-face with a relative 1,000 miles away…Skype.  Fast cars, fast information, fast food; and right now!!  And the luxury of convenience has turned into expectation and demand!  We cannot go back to the days of 45 minute meals or waiting all day for the evening news.  Our world can change in a matter of seconds.  And many of us expect results to happen in the same manner: fast.

Lots of people are reluctant to participate in activities that take time and require patience.  I think about how long it can take for someone to lose weight and wonder if the “gotta have it now” mentality is contributing to the obesity epidemic.  It has taken me nearly 13 months to shed 20 pounds and, whereas, it has not been terribly difficult, it has required a ton of patience.  It takes lots of time and bother to shop for healthy foods, prepare and organize my schedule to eat.  It takes time which is the one factor that people don’t seem to be willing to invest.

It is our enemy in a way, as it slips past us so quickly, turning days into weeks into years before we realize.  And that “thing” we meant to do yesterday is still hanging over our head 5 years later.  When will we learn?  Or maybe better…will we ever learn that tomorrow is the promise of fools.

My hope is that what I write registers in just one soul and prompts them to action.  Write, read, skip, jump, swim, run, giggle, exercise, smile.  Doing something positive is required to get something positive.  Just a thought for your life on this beautiful Saturday morning.



39 thoughts on “Is the “Right Now” Mentality Inhibiting Our Willingness to Change?

  1. Interesting. I personally love taking my sweet ass time cooking, grocery shopping, etc. I literally drove 70 miles round trip last week to go grocery shopping at a store that is that far from where I live. I spent 4.5 hours in Goodwill searching for treasures the other day. Maybe that is why I get so much pleasure from my day to day activities. I love lingering in the moment. I loved this post!

    1. Oh and I don’t do Twitter, FB, Insta, or anything else. I write on here because I enjoy connecting with mankind. Also, I don’t own a microwave lol. Ew, I hope this doesn’t come off as bragging. It’s not meant to. I just live a more old fashioned style of life and I think that it is more enjoyable that way.

      1. It did not come across as bragging. I own a microwave but actually cook and prepare food. Novel concept these days! Lol

  2. I agree with your concern, but also have hope. The most human quality is adaptability. We’re also hard-wired for an attraction for novelty. All the gee-whiz fast and easy new options won’t be new for long. It seems like the pace of change will continue to accelerate forever, but history shows that just how often people have assumed current trends would build far further into the future than what actually came to pass. This spate of technological progress and cultural change may well slow down again, perhaps sooner than we think. We’ll see, and in any case, we have good reason to hope we’ll continue to adapt.

    1. Two thoughts: 1. People confuse staying busy for being productive and 2. some are disorganized and their “busyness” is a result of the disorganization.

  3. I think for me it depends on what I am doing. Something like cleaning, I try to be quick and efficient. Something that I am passionate about, I like to take my time and enjoy the moment or process.

  4. This is something that has crossed my mind several times. Often leaving me feeling bad for kids growing up that know nothing other than insta-results. I’ve gotten lazy over time getting used to the convenience of living in the world of instant everything. But kids these days are growing up in a world where things happen at the touch of a button and rely less on critical thinking skills, patience and effort. I know they still incorporate these skills to some extent at school but it makes me realize I need to do my part as a parent so I’m raising children that will grow into adults that can think, process and decide for themselves instead of robots that get results with a touch of a button.

  5. Depends on what I am waiting for 🙂
    Clicking on a link and having to wait 10 seconds for a site to load? AGES!!!
    Spinning my wool, plying it, knitting it and it taking me one year to make a hat and a scarf this way? Sheer bliss 🙂
    If it comes to food, I want a quick-fix meal when I come home hungry late after work. But I also enjoy cooking when I have the time.

  6. Yes! Far too often we get caught in the trap that we have to have it now. Most things worth having are the very things that take time. It is good to have our goals but we need to enjoy the moment as well.

  7. You sparked so much thought I’m my brain just now. I mean even relationships are seen as an instant gratification, intimacy, sex, all these things get the shaft nowadays. We have a higher divorce rate for reasons I’m almost sure come from the newer ways. When we don’t put effort, or take time to peer into someone’s soul and have that reciprocated, we become. . Disappointed.

      1. Some states don’t give grandparents rights even. It’s amazing Dray you are right. Things change like a flip of a dime, and oftentimes there are some outrageous stipulations

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