A Few of My Random Thoughts

A Few of My Random Thoughts

Let the therapy session begin!!

  1. I am currently interviewing for jobs!  This is an exciting process and a definite transition for me as I have worked for myself since 2013. I’m not sure if I have ever talked about this and just realized that is so odd.  Anywho, I own and operate a vintage (1950’s, 60’s and 70’s) furniture wholesale business.  I attend auctions and buy vintage furniture then sell that to my retail clients.  It has been a fun business, but I have fallen prey to store closings and dwindling vintage furniture supply.  At one point we sold to most of the furniture artists and stores in the greater Charlotte area, but now the market is shrinking.  The exciting part is finding a company that fits my style and gives me purpose.  I cannot work jobs just to work jobs; it just ain’t my style!
  2. On top of looking for a job, I have decided to register at UNC Charlotte and work toward my PhD in Counseling!  I apply this fall and will then begin classes in the fall of 2017 so I have time to prepare.  Now this is something to really get excited about!!
  3. And if that were not enough…I am currently working on course curriculum for a series of seminars I will be conducting beginning next January.  I will be hosting 4 single-day seminars next year (1 per quarter) titled The Dream Big Plan For Success: 6 Steps to Greatness!  The details are still being ironed out, but the seminar fee will be reasonably priced and limited to 20 attendees.  As the registration dates near I will keep you informed.  I have a lot of folk that have been on me since last summer to conduct a live seminar so mark your calendars.
  4. You know what separates the thinking of a child from that of adults?  Adults develop the habit of thinking in absolutes.  “That’s not possible,” you hear many adults say. Kids don’t think like that.  I once convinced my 6 year old nephew that I had the ability to jump over the house, but explained to him I couldn’t at that exact moment because my legs were tired from mowing the lawn.  And after some explaining, he believed me.  Kids view the world through eyes of unlimited possibilities.  Adults view the world through eyes that see concrete walls, obstacles and impossibilities. The sad fact is you have built those walls and they only exist in your mind!   I will give you the most important question you can ask yourself: “What if ______ is possible?”
  5. On Saturday we went with our friends Wendy and Stephen to see Body Worlds at Discovery Place in Charlotte.  I am still not sure how I feel about the exhibit.  If you are unfamiliar with this exhibit it shows the human body inside and out.  People have donated their bodies which are then displayed and dissected to show the inner workings.  It was interesting and strange at the same time.
  6. We will be buying a new car in May and have narrowed our choice down to Mercedez-Benz.  We were going to buy a Volkswagon, but with all the dishonesty involved with their diesels, I am not willing to invest our money in their product.
  7. I have created a page for my coaching services.  Check it out if you get a second.
  8. I have worked my way through a couple shows on Netflix and need a new show to watch. I only have two criteria for a new show: It must have concluded and have had a series finale.
  9. I hope everyone has a great week!






28 thoughts on “A Few of My Random Thoughts

    1. No, Evelina’s parents bought one last year and getting rid of it. I am not sure that the gasoline engines have the same issues as diesel, but we are not taking a chance.

  1. Good luck with the job search. I always used to enjoy both interviewing and being interviewed. I hope you manage to find as perfect a match as possible. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, just as you describe the child’s mind. Maybe, even, try for a job that you never even considered a possibility before! Whatever you do, enjoy it.

    1. Phenomenal advice. I will admit I have been hesitant as I am not sure who I want to work for after 2+ years working for myself. It will be a transition for sure.

  2. You know how to load the pressure on yourself don’t you … interveiws, courses, coaching, blogging, buying a car. We have a merc cls320cdi and it is a fabulous workhorse that looks phenomenal. .. ‘just saying’ 😇
    Mine is a Smart Fastback Turbo Roadster, Mercedes again, it is fun economic and like me a bit quirky. Deep breath and begin the new and exciting journey or journeys you have planned. Thank you for the post.

      1. My comment was said in jest. Sometimes that is hard to convey online. lol We have a lot going on, but not all at the same time. I try to space things out as best as possible.

  3. How exciting! So many great things going on for you, not sure which one I’m excited about the most! Can’t imagine how you feel. I love the part about thinking like a child. I know you’ve done a post on that entirely recently but that just doesn’t get old. We have to try and kids just do even though it was within us because we were children ourselves of course. I was on your webpage over the weekend and saw your coaching page and thought, I need to get on here more often outside of the WordPress app because I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise! Great post Danny.

    1. I use the app occasionally, but I prefer the website when I visit other pages because I can’t find social media, about pages, and other stuff. Plus I miss out on what their page looks like. Thanks for the heads up on the “went went” problem! lol

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