Update: Why I Blog the Way I Blog: The Method to My Madness

Update: Why I Blog the Way I Blog: The Method to My Madness



I thought it would be nice to provide a little updated information for those that are new to Dream Big as we have added a quite a few new followers to the blog in the last couple of weeks AND my page strategy has changed a little.

What is Dream Big, Dream Often All About?

I focus our conversations around 4 basic topics, all of which have to do with personal development: living a healthy lifestyle, living an organized/goal oriented life, living debt-free and living a life of charity.  I call these the 4 Pillars of Successful Living.

Along with these 4 topics I believe in and use a 6-step formula for helping me to achieve goals:

  1. determine what it is that you want and state it
  2. determine what you are willing to sacrifice to get what you want,
  3. develop a persistent attitude,
  4. have faith,
  5. develop organized planning and
  6. execute.

Because of this formula I will often discuss desire, developing persistence, having faith developing a plan, executing the plan and successful habits.

What Is the Posting Schedule on Dream Big?

Mondays – A Few of My Random Thoughts

Tuesdays – Healthy Living Update

Wednesdays – Dream Big Original

Thursdays – Blogging Tips, Advice and Blog Strategy

Friday-Sunday  I will post on topics within the niche of personal development.

On the 2nd and 4th weekend of every month I conduct a Meet and Greet


Each night at 6 pm est, I publish my Featured Blogger segment in which I feature 10 bloggers that have left a link to their page or post on my Let Me Share Your Page post.  I share as a way to give back to the blogging community.  This segment replaces my previous practice of reblogging.  I found reblogging had 2 negative impacts on my page: 1. it distracted from my overall message, and 2. it cluttered up people’s inboxes.

I don’t stray from this schedule so you can expect a post each morning at 6pm est.

I hope this helps some of the new folks to understand my blogging strategy.  I believe every blogger needs to have some type of formula that works for them other than “build it and they will come.”


48 thoughts on “Update: Why I Blog the Way I Blog: The Method to My Madness

  1. I absolutely agree with those four points…made it a duty to live it. Well-done Dray. Sometimes though it may take a while or more than a while to figure out what we really want. I find that as each day passes…my vision is clearer and am more able to chart a good course for my life.

  2. Wonderful six steps. I think, at least for me, the first two are the most difficult. Especially the second. It’s one thing to make sacrifices for others – when people are important it doesn’t even feel like ‘sacrifice’. I gain far more than I ever give up. But doing that for myself, for my own dreams — that’s a different issue all together.
    I like that you have a schedule on how you blog. For me it’s always a case of whatever comes along. I’d say my life has not given pattern, but that’s, of course, not true. There are daily routines I follow, whether habit or just things that need done for others — Someday maybe I’ll put it all together.
    Thanks again for the six points. There’s a feeling of being grounded, knowing yourself that comes through. I am impressed. Well done.

    1. I have forced myself into being organized over the last couple of years. At first it was like fitting a square peg in a round hole, but now I have a routine and it works for me.

  3. Wow sounds like a great, well planned strategy. This is mine. Something funny happened last night or today. I’m going to write about it. lol Surprising considering how obsessively organized I am.

  4. Wow… The four pillars are absolutely concrete and true.. And yes, we have to dream big but we have to work harder to achieve them. I liked the 6 step formula. And wow, you have even made a blogging schedule.. That’s amazing.. Have a great day Dray.. 🙂

    1. I try to be as organized as I can so people understand exactly what the page is about. Knowing what to expect and when helps people to know when to visit for the things they like best. Or at least I hope it does. lol

      1. Wow.. Danny.. That’s a great thought on organizing the blog, so that audience have an idea what they will read on a particular day. Amazing.. Thanks.. Have s great day.. 🙂


    1. I wouldn’t call it a goal list as much as a way for readers to know what my blog is about and what I post on certain days. It allows people to return to my page on the specific days that I write on topics that they like.

  5. I don’t know how you keep up but I salute you! I’ve been trying to build content and been lagging on the promotional and blog reading end. I am working on balancing it all! Do you have an article about that? If so, I’d love to read it because I need help. lol

    1. I have written a little about it, but nothing specifically. I keep a To Do list for each day and I try to read 50 blogs in the morning, 50 at night. I have gotten it down to a science so I can do this reading in 3-4 hours. I try to produce my a week in advance.

      1. Wow.. that’s smart though a to-do list for each day. I also like the scheduled of reading blogs. My number will probably be much lower but I may try to implement that schedule. Thanks for sparking ideas.

      2. It is my pleasure. If you want a few more ideas you can look in my Blogging Tips category and there are quite a few articles to help.

  6. You have a great strategy Danny, I really admire your commitment and focus. Thanks for always sharing such uplifting content. Happy blogging always. 🙂

  7. Yours is a great blog and you describe an excellent plan for successful blogging that’s easy to understand. I especially appreciate the community that’s developed from here!

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