Blog Tips, Advice and Blogging Strategy – 3/10/16

Today I thought I would take a slightly different approach to the blog advice article and cover a few things other bloggers are doing that I like or enjoy; and strategies that I believe might help you with your page.

The following pages use creative “out-of-the-box” thinking to promote their page.  I thought of this because so many of you have mentioned to me that you are out of ideas and need new segments to spice up your page.  So here are a few pages and their strategies:

It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes produces a daily list of blogger links for her readers to meet new people and network.

YadaDarcyYada uses a ton of cool images and GIFs to add to her already creative writing.  I am a fan of images, quotes, memes, etc. to help spice up one’s page.

Trudy at Rendezvous en New York is participating in a 3 Day Quote Challenge.  Trudy also uses a lot of great original photos of New York City which I love to look at.

Jason at Harsh Reality offers book promotions, Meet and Greets, Post Shares, etc.  OM is the king of thinking outside the box and is constantly pushing his page to grow and meet the demands of his readers.

Chris the Story Reading Ape reblogs others posts and works to help promote the work of other bloggers.  Chris’ page is awesome.  He spends a lot of time promoting everyone especially authors.  I love visiting his site because I always find an interesting author bio or a new book to read.

My Daily Musing produces a ton of link lists to articles of interest or relevance.  When you need resource information, this is the site to visit!

Gary at Skipah’s Realm  utilizes an incredibly unique and interesting writing style to bring life to his daily life.  It is so entertaining plus he also incorporates the use of original photographs which is an important feature to “brand” your page.

It is important to find new and exciting things for your readers to consume.  Recently I added a new segment on Sunday’s that has become an instant hit.  Every other Sunday morning I post a list of inspirational quotes.  The list is usually around 10-15 which I find just the right length.  And as I have stated in the past, my readers enjoy a variety of content: videos, quotes, memes, cartoons, my originals.

The blogs I listed above are just a few samples of the creativity that exists on WordPress. If you are floundering a bit why not try to stir the pot and add something new and exciting. At some point in the past someone decided to be the first person to host a Link Party so don’t be afraid to go out on a limb.  This type of thinking not only can bring you readers, but it can also allow you to stand out from the crowd!


26 thoughts on “Blog Tips, Advice and Blogging Strategy – 3/10/16

    • Gary, my bags are packed and I am waiting on the tarmac! lol Btw, I spent a lot of time in the Keys way back when it was a quaint fishing village. No cruise ships, no fast food chains, no big businesses. It was incredible back then, but hear it has changed considerably.

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  1. Thank you kindly, Danny, I’m not only thrilled to be on this list, I’m thrilled to be among such lovely company. I really appreciate the shout-out. Hope this weekend is filled with delight. 🙂

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