11 Ways Negativity Is Ruining Your Happiness (& How to Change)

I had a thought last week that I have been contemplating a lot and figured it might be worth writing about.  I know negative people that realize they are negative, but I am not so sure they fully understand the impact negativity is having on their professional and personal lives.

So I compiled a list of 11 ways negativity is ruining your happiness and how to change it:

  1. Being negative pushes away positive influences and attracts more negative people.
  2. A negative personality will result in isolation, which can create loneliness
  3. Negative personalities are less likely to recognize opportunities
  4. Having negative tendencies can cause cynicism
  5. Negative thinking usually prevents individuals from seeing the progress they’ve made in life.
  6. A negative mind can create resentment towards others
  7. Negative people are less likely to show compassion
  8. Having a negative viewpoint inhibits healthy relationships
  9. The negative thinker’s inability to see the good in themselves can cause deep sadness.
  10. A negative mind impedes one’s ability to give others credit when they deserve it.
  11. Negative thinking can greatly limit one’s income, thus creating financial stress.

Are these absolutes?  Of course not.  I used myself, a reformed negative thinker, as the basis for this list so it is not inclusive of all the bad things negativity breeds.

We see in this list many of the things I experienced when living with a negative mind, but how did I change my thinking?  How do you slowly transform yourself from a negative thinker to a more positive thinker?  The answer is simple: make an effort.

I used a few strategies to help with my conversion:

  1. Began doing volunteer work
  2. I practiced thinking before I would speak
  3. If I couldn’t find something positive to say I would say nothing at all
  4. Surrounded myself with more positive thinking people
  5. Eliminated a job that brought out the worst in me***
  6. Looked to nature to help me see the beauty in the world
  7. Began to recognize my own shortcomings to help me stop judging others
  8. Started an exercise regimen.
  9. Read and watched motivational and inspirational materials


When I began to switch my mind, I realized I was negative because I was not happy with myself.  Exercise, nature walks, finding a more positive job and volunteering helped me tremendously.  It all comes down to what you want for yourself: happiness or unhappiness.  I am not sure many people would choose to be unhappy when presented with the options, but people choose to be unhappy every day through their actions!  If you want to be a more fulfilled and happy individual, then begin doing things that will inject happiness into your life and your soul.

I recommend meditation and prayer, volunteering and spending time in nature as the 3 most important habits to develop if you want more fulfillment which will create more happiness in your life.  Without these things you will continue to wallow in sadness, isolation and negativity.

Take time each day to realize you are in control of yourself and your reactions to events that go on around you.  You can continue to act negatively and continue to get the same old, worn out results from life, or you can begin to transform your thinking and transform your results.  But in the end do not fool yourself, there is a choice and it is up to you to create yourself in the image you want.  I made the choice to change because negativity was eating me up inside.  I hated complaining all the time.  I hated being cynical.  I hated seeing the worst in people.  I hated every feeling being negative created inside of me.  Therefore I knew I had to change and change I did.

Do yourself a favor and start involving yourself in more positive activities: volunteering, meditation, nature walks, etc.  Begin your transformation journey today.  If you need more suggestions or have something you would like to ask, feel free to email me through my contacts page.  I am always available to help in whatever way I can!






70 thoughts on “11 Ways Negativity Is Ruining Your Happiness (& How to Change)

  1. Great post. I have a couple of very negative (almost terminally negative, I would say) people very close to me and for years I have endlessly tried to tell them that their attitude is a self-perpetuating prophecy. Ordinarily I would keep such persons at arm’s length but in this case it is not possible to do so. Negativity is so draining!

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  2. Congratulations that you managed to change your mindset! I am lucky that I am very positive by nature but I imagine switching from a negative to a positive attitude is very difficult and takes time.

    In negative people around me I see another impact negativity can have on one’s live: being afraid of changes because “what good can come from that”. As changes happen it is so much easier if you can embrace them as opportunities.

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    • Yes that is certainly another angle on negative people. I have been working to convert my attitude for a few years now and it still takes daily focus and practice to not fall into bad tendencies.

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  3. Research results are pretty clear. Positive people are happier, more productive, more creative, have better relationships, and live longer! Stubbornly holding on to negative thoughts is self-defeating and literally guarantees one’s world will continue to that of being the victim.

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  4. Reblogged this on On Becoming a Lemonade Maker and commented:
    Negativity… It can affect our lives in so many subtle ways!

    Here’s a reblog which speaks my message, and in such a personal way! As a former negative thinker myself, I’ve used pretty much all his suggestions myself, and I can tell you they all work!

    Separately they might not be so effective, but as you add more and more elements into your life and make them part of your routine, they all help to reinforce each other, helping to change the internal messages we hear in our heads, consciously and subconsciously!

    Change takes times, so if I may suggest, add one or two elements slowly so you have time to assimilate it, then slowly add more, so that bit by bit you can become more positive!

    Please don’t take this as a judgment of where you’re at right now, but as two former negative thinkers shining a light on a dark pathway for you!


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  5. As a former negative thinker myself, I find your points to be spot on! I’ve reblogged to share with my readers! Thank you for sharing your insights with us!


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  6. Such an excellent post. And the commentary following has added much value. I’m finding the need to pull far away from current news coverage of the US election because it is just so negative and I don’t want that in my head. Am I voting, both Primary and General election? Oh you can be sure of that!
    Thank you for sharing this very positive essay.

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  7. I’m a reformed negative thinker too. At times I feel myself being pulled back into that way of thinking. I don’t stay in that mindset for long anymore though. I simply can’t. It’s too hard…too much work…to think like that. It’s funny though, that’s what i used to say about thinking positive. It was SO hard at first. Now it’s just more of a natural occurrence for me. Loved this post!

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  8. Such a great and timely post for me Danny. I have someone very close to me who is very negative. And I’m so aware of what it would take to help him change but ultimately it’s up to him. Perhaps such subtle reminders and guiding him in the right direction will help. Thanks again for this.

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  9. May I please reblog this over the weekend for my Weekly Faves? It is a wonderful reminder. I myself think that I am positive nearly all the time. Though, I have a co-worker who is very negative and it is so toxic. Great post. Thank you

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  10. Thanks, Danny. Once again you have touched on a subject very close to home. I was a very negative person because I was surrounded by negativity most of my life. Now that I have found the positive side of things life is good. Though I have another person now who is threatening to bring me down. I am working on a positive way of breaking free and hopefully helping them turn around. Your list might just be what I need!


  11. Reblogged this on Daisy in the Willows and commented:
    Why have I reblogged this blog?
    Danny is not a blogger that needs help with publicity. His blog is a 100% success. He is always helping others get out there into the blogo-sphere . What I love about this blog is that everyday I fight actively against negative thoughts. I agree absolutely with him that volunteering your time to a cause is a great antidote to counteract negativity in your life. His other tips for leaving the negativity out of your life is spot on. I can only speak from experience. So if you feel stuck in that dark pit of despair. Give yourself a gift and take some of his advice.


  12. Negativity drains you mentally. When physically tired one can take rest and gain some energy but negative thoughts makes you feel tired all the time. Its best to surround yourself with positive thoughts and stay away from negativity of any kind.

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  15. Loved the post… Lydia shared it and I got here! I have been absent form the blogosphere for sometime and being back is so good. Reading your post just added much happiness… Dreaming big is difficult if you have a negative approach since you will find difficulties everywhere, no? Being positive and becoming part of “can do” groups is much better… 🙂 Thanks for this.

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  16. This is so relevant to me at the moment (Saturday morning is when I do most of my blogs reading) it’s just been pointed out to me that I have been negative, cynical and very short tempered for the last couple of months. That’s not who I am; or should I say it’s not who I was? Maybe!
    As of today things are going to change for the better. I’m looking at the man (woman) in the mirror 😊


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