Blogging Tips, Advice and Blogging Strategy – 3/24/16

Blogging Tips, Advice and Blogging Strategy – 3/24/16


Guys and gals please take some time and educate yourselves on tagging your posts. This week I have visited and read a lot of posts and here are my blogging tips, advice and blogging strategy as it relates to Tags:

  1. Too many tags.  WordPress only allows 15 and that includes the category.  If you use more than 15 total designations, WordPress files your post as having no tags at all.  That means only your followers see  it the one time it lists on Reader.  I choose to use 1 category and 12 tags.
  2. Wordy/lengthy tags.
  3. Using words that no other person would ever use.  If in doubt, type in the word in tag search and see how many other people use the tag.  The fewer the posts listed means people aren’t using that tag.  For instance, I saw a tag this week, “happiness me.”  Now I ask you, which one of you would ever, ever type that in to conduct a tag search?  So to me this person wasted a tag because when I searched it, they were the only one listed, which means no other human being will ever see that post.
  4. Not enough general tag words like “community,” “life,” “blogging,” etc.  I like to use tags that lots of people are going to see.  Not everyone prefers this method, but it brings a ton of people to my page.need-advice-tagging-picture-for-facebook-300x292
  5. Using hashtags in your tag.  WordPress does recognize hashtags now, but hashtags are (in my humble opinion) the least effective way to tag.   If you use them and other tag searchers do not, then no one is seeing your post.
  6. I think bloggers should start using simple words like “success” “reading” “love” “desire”.  Avoid complex tags unless lots of other people are using the tag.  Simple tags cast a large net if you will, which means you catch more fish.
  7. Using random words that are in your post.  Tags are meant to represent the concepts your post covers.  I read a great post today on philosophy, and when I say great I mean extraordinary.  One of his tags was peanut butter because he mentioned peanut butter in his post.  He failed to list “philosophy” as a tag.  Or “philosophical” or “thought” or “contemplation.”  So be sure to take your time and use tags that are relevant to your post topic.
  8. The tags I will use for this post: life, love, blog, beauty, fashion, happiness, thoughts, poetry, politics, fitness, self improvement, books.  And the reason that I use these tags is because those that search these tags will also be interested in blogging advice, seeing that they also blog!


I give these basic tips as advice because so many are making simple mistakes.  I think it is because so few have taken the time to understand the importance of tags.   I think everyone should take some time and read the WP forums and suggestions given by others.  Now, with that said, each person has their own method of tagging so you can take what I say, or leave it. Either way you aren’t going to hurt my feelings, I just thought I would throw a few tips out there for some to use.


112 thoughts on “Blogging Tips, Advice and Blogging Strategy – 3/24/16

  1. When I started my blog I was clueless as to what what tags and categories were. I just started putting stuff in like I noticed other bloggers doing. Over the years I’ve refined my tag usage by observing more successful bloggers as well as reading blogs like this, but I still struggle for the right tags most of the time. It’s a learning process, and I’m a slow learner…😉

  2. I always keep mine under the 15 tag rule…except I wasn’t aware the category counted as a tag too. Will have to check I’m not over the limit on some! (Thanks for the info!)

    I’ve heard that adding your blog name (or an abbreviation) as a tag is also a good idea, to help promote your ‘brand’ status.

    As for hashtags, I include generic hashtags in the section where you can decide what to share to social media – my posts link automatically to both Twitter and Facebook and it seems Facebook is a lover of hashtags these days too, so saves time. In most cases. these are copies of the most relevant tag used in the post. I’m still learning though!

    1. I always add my name. I have folk that like to put Dream Big Dream Often in and just mass read or find one specific post. The chronological order makes it easy to find things

  3. Helpful advice, and I have (I believe) finally learned to strike the right balance. However, I will say that if you are writing a fairly obscure topic post anyway, using a singular word that defines that obscure topic can bring readers in. I have had some success with this. As you say I would not choose 5 or 6 obscure tags, but I chose the most obvious one. Had I not done so, I would not have had the desired result I was after.

    1. I agree 100%! and you hit the nail on the head to not use too many of them. Sometimes the broader the better. I always try to use my last 3 tags as something like “people” “humanity” “community” “life” “fun”, etc.

    1. When you are writing your blog, there should be a box on the right hand side (usually) that says tags. You place your tags in that box separated by a comma, just like is demonstrated above-Blog, blogging, tags, tagging. That sort of thing. When you publish your post (depending on your theme) those tags will appear somewhere on your page-bottom, right side, left side. You might have a choice where they rest on the theme itself.

    2. Tags are what allow other people to do a general search and read posts. For instance, this post you commented on I used a tag “blogging.” That means any time some goes to Reader and does a tag search using the word “blogging,” my post will be there for them to read. You add tags, when you are creating your post. They are located on the left side of the create post page on PC and right side using mobile.

    1. My pleasure! Also, I just found a Follow for Follow link on Michael’s Origins that is a really cool idea. You leave him your link and he adds it to his page. Every new blogger added goes down the list and follows all the other bloggers. Great way to connect!

  4. I am horrible at tagging. When I first started blogging, I didn’t know anything about the etiquette that went along with it.
    I had one reader blast me for capitalizing one sentence. I can’t remember now why I did it, but he chewed me out for shouting at my readers, calling it bad form and how about I tag my posts!
    Learning experience!

  5. Whil I appreciate the tips, it isn’t often i hear this level of frustration in your titles or your posts. For some of us, this info may not be as intuitive as it seems to be for you. Just sayin’… 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
    Correction Taken!!
    Tips that would really help make blogging less complex to you and your audience..
    This was one post I couldn’t ignore, I had to share with your guys fam 😉

    Hope you having a great day people?

  7. Thank you for sharing this sound blogging advice. I tend to pick the most used tags for my sites along with a few pertinent to the post in question. I see your point about using popular search tags to capture a wider audience but if I were to use poetry in a tag with a post that clearly isn’t what people would expect would they not feel cheated and perhaps avoid me altogether? Or if your content is good do they overlook this?

    1. On the contrary, you are capitalizing on people have a variety of interests. I do tag searches all the time and find the random out of place blogs that catch my eye. some that is searching poetry might see my post on blog tips and open out of curiosity. Don’t assume that someone that tag searches poetry is only interested in poetry. Think about the last time you conducted a Google search and then got way side tracked on some other topic.

  8. Thanks for the advice, seems I have some editing to do. I was wondering the other day whether there was a list of the most popularly searched tags on WP, do you know of one? It would be good to use relevant popular tags.

    I have to admit to being irritated when people use popular tags in the wrong setting just to gain exposure though, happens on Twitter all the time.

    1. That is a good point. What I do sometimes is go to big bloggers pages and see what tags they are using and then piggy back off of those. But don’t tell anyone else…lol

    1. Well keep in mind this is only one strategy. The intent of the post is to get people thinking about developing a strategy that works for their page. For me I prefer to use tags to cast a wide net.

    1. I add videos through the blog post creator in Admin not through MY SITE. I find it easier. But you while Add Media and when that window opens it will allow you to add a video using the URL of the link.

      1. It’s going to a royal pain to update because it means I will be bombarding people with lots of posts because of the way WP posts updates as if posting for the first time. However, I see the value in doing so. Thanks again!

      2. Yup, any form of updating. I guess because I have the blog linked to automatically post. I am still going to correct the tags just not more than a few posts at a time.

      3. Yeah, it’s a bit of a bummer because I never want to overload people with posts. I realized it when I went back to older posts and started to update them. 😞

      4. Oh it has. I just go back and redo the entire post updating what needs tweaking. I have done so several times. It’s a good way to get new followers. I just toss the old post before I repost. Thanks for the encouragement! Love your blog.

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