My Recurring Awareness of Death and the Numbers 1017 & 336

I remember several years ago playing golf at the country club where I worked having an epiphanic moment.  I was finishing up a round of golf with a few members and while standing on the 18th green I had a moment in which I could feel all of the emotions associated with death: fear, anxiety, elation, separation, etc.


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At that moment I sensed my mortality at such a high and real level that the emotions have stuck with me till this day.  The same occurrence happened last Wednesday morning around 3 am.  I awoke out of a dead sleep and was immediately aware of death and the sensations that go along with not being in this world any longer.  It is incredibly difficult to describe, except to say that it is an absolute awareness of no longer being alive.

I wish I could explain the sense of separation, but I cannot express the emotions and reality with words.  I think it is the separation from this world that I am most aware of when this realization occurs.

And for some reason I have two numbers that continue to pop up: 1017 and 336.  I have looked up these numbers online and have interpreted them as thoroughly as an amateur numerologist is able.  I broke down 1017 into 10 and 17 and here is what I came up with:

The number ten actually reduces down to the number 1 with the 0 being an amplifier.  The number 1 represents change in my life and the 0 amplifies that change and infers an element of good luck (This I like!).  The number 17 is a highly spiritual number and infers that an individual will rise above trials and difficulties of life due to an elevated spiritual nature. Many who come under these energies have extremely high psychic and clairvoyant abilities.  The number 17 refers to “immortality” in the sense that works that are done during one’s lifetime will live on in the form of a legacy.

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For the number 336 I will defer to Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers:

Number 336 is a blend of the attributes of number 3 appearing twice, amplifying its influences and relating to the Master Number 33, and the vibrations of number 6. Number 3 brings its energies of self-expression and communication, optimism and enthusiasm, skills and talents, friendliness and sociability, growth, expansion and the principles of increase, manifesting and manifestation. Number 3 also carries the vibrations of the Ascended MastersMaster Number 33 symbolizes the principle of guidance, compassion, blessings, the teacher of teachers, martyrdom, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage. When expressed to the fullest, Master Number 33 focuses upon the spiritual uplifting of mankind. Number 6 relates to providing and provision, possessions, status and the monetary aspects, service and domesticity, love of home and family, caring and nurturing, responsibility and reliability, honesty and integrity.

Angel Number 336 brings a message of reassurance that your material and monetary needs will be met as you serve your life purpose and fulfill your spiritual destiny. Give any fears or concerns to the angels for healing and transmutation and trust that you will be angelically guided as to your next steps. Know that you are being supported, surrounded and loved and all is being taken care of for your highest good.

I have never been into numbers, but these two numbers show up every single day, multiple times to such an extent that I can no longer ignore them.  I know there are those “realist” that ignore such happenings, but I believe there exists a realm to which we are able to “glimpse” into on occasion, but are never able to truly appreciate.

At any rate, it has been interesting investigating what these numbers could represent and I learned a little about numerology at the same time!  And I always love learning about something new.

Hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful, relaxing weekend!






39 thoughts on “My Recurring Awareness of Death and the Numbers 1017 & 336

    • I have spent years studying Freud, although I am no expert. I am not a fan of the word “realistic” although I can understand why some use the word. I find it limits my mind.


      • My apologies I have a small knowledge of Freud and find him impressive.
        I think most people take the word realistic to refer to our common experience. I do not think they take it to imply an absolute realism.
        I’m layman in everything having no higher education I’m interested and fairly well read.

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      • You don’t have to apologize at all my friend. Hold fast to your thoughts, diverse thinking is what makes the online community so interesting! Danny


  1. I love what you wrote about your experiencing of all the feelings to do with death, it somehow gave me a feeling in turn of relieve! Very interesting. Yes numerology, open to all things, there is much more to us and to this life on earth than meets the eye. Great post!

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  2. Interesting to think that separation is such a big deal in death, since we eventually become part of the earth again (ashes to ashes) and our “changed” molecules end up in a beautiful flower or some other very necessary part of the world. (I’m sure some people’s molecules end up becoming a worm.) Possibly, the separation we may anticipate is not apartness from the earth but separation from our loved ones.

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  3. Reblogged this on The Sick and the Dating and commented:
    This post is fascinating to me. I’ve never woken up and thought of numbers or considered looking to find their meanings; I’m strictly a mostly-Taurus with a touch of Gemini type of person, and that’s are far as I go. In the grander scheme of things, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is the topic today. Nikki and I hosted our Blab on advanced care directives – we HAD to talk about death. Besides having three people pass away in eight months, I am facing my own uncertain future, but I can’t claim that I have experienced flashes of ceasing to exist. I would imagine that feels pretty profound.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

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  4. Let me start off by saying thank you for posting this! I consistently see the number 1017, so often that I’ve actually mentioned it to a few people just as a random remark. I finally decided to Google it, and this is one of the pages I’ve stumbled upon. It’s interesting to know there’s someone else out there who notices this same combination of numbers on a regular basis.. Hmm, maybe we have a soul connection? Lol 😛

    Very cool post. Thanks again.

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    • T…I appreciate you stopping by! I see 1017 so many times during the day that it finally made me investigate. Glad I could help shed a little light. Did you like the results?


      • Danny,

        Yes I loved the results. Again-thanks for sharing. Also, as odd as it is, here I am checking back on this post; Wednesday morning at 3am.. ha! Just had to check to make sure I was correct about that.. Seems like you may be onto something with that clairvoyant theory.. 🙂

        Such a small world. Very interesting. I may connect with you on social media eventually if you wouldn’t mind.


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  5. I ALWAYS SEE 1017!!! My last home address was 336. I see 10:17 every single day. The super bowl just ended at 10:17. When I drive to my first job in the morning, for some reason I always arrive at 10:17. It’s weird that my home of 15 years was 336!!! Super weird but also cool!


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