Welcome Dream Big Partner: Mellix Life!

I am please to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: Mellix Life!!


Here is an excerpt from the Mellix Life About Page:

I turned 30. This is about me, my family and how I am getting better each day on getting my life more stable and organized. In my twenties I got married, bought a house, had 2 kids, graduated with my MBA, moved away from family and friends for a job opportunity and a fresh start, etc.
I’ve reached that point where I’m past those major milestones and I just want to excel at what I’m doing. For me, my family, my church….. I want to be a better person. I feel like this year could be the best one yet. These are my stories, my thoughts, dreams, mistakes……. This is me.

You will find her logo in my sidebar for easy access and on the Dream Big Partner’s page at the top of my webpage.


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