An Actual Story of Tears and Exclamations!

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Crying has become a bit of a social meme if you ask me—a verbal emoticon :'(. It all started with the World Wide Web, and let’s be honest, the sum total of all that amazing technology: Facebook (okay and Google). The natural evolution of all this immediate and 24/7 connectedness is the “News Feed,” which may include actual news from actual news organizations; local and international if you click on things just right.

More and more often, news actors post “news stories” on social media sites and there’s one in particular in my local area which I won’t name, that routinely includes headlines with editorial directives such as, “Grab a Tissue This Story is a Real Heart Wrencher!!!” And, “See if you Can Keep from Crying Over This Sad Story!!” And, perhaps the quintessential example of the degradation of journalism in America: “This Story Is So Sad!!” Crying is…

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2 thoughts on “An Actual Story of Tears and Exclamations!

  1. Snort. Poor guy. I imagine it’s a challenge promoting my work but you’re giving it the ole’ college try and I appreciate it. I have nothing to sell, no ground-breaking tips on parenting or writing or how to remove vomit stains from bed sheets. I don’t sell cute things on Etsy and I don’t have any profound advice for finding true romance or ending one that’s gone bad. Certainly no blogging tips. I use you and Jason for that. I just write random weird thoughts on people who cry too much and husbands who throw tantrums when they install appliances. And, there’s that odd-ball story about my day at Wal-mart. Just your basic weirdo writer. I don’t envy you for what you are doing here. It’s fun to watch you though. 🙂

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