An Actual Story of Tears and Exclamations!

An Actual Story of Tears and Exclamations!

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2 thoughts on “An Actual Story of Tears and Exclamations!

  1. Snort. Poor guy. I imagine it’s a challenge promoting my work but you’re giving it the ole’ college try and I appreciate it. I have nothing to sell, no ground-breaking tips on parenting or writing or how to remove vomit stains from bed sheets. I don’t sell cute things on Etsy and I don’t have any profound advice for finding true romance or ending one that’s gone bad. Certainly no blogging tips. I use you and Jason for that. I just write random weird thoughts on people who cry too much and husbands who throw tantrums when they install appliances. And, there’s that odd-ball story about my day at Wal-mart. Just your basic weirdo writer. I don’t envy you for what you are doing here. It’s fun to watch you though. 🙂

    1. I hope my efforts are helping you, that is the goal! I have been watching my Clicks stat and see that you are getting clicks, but I am not able to see the impact on your page.

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