If You Find Your True Desire, You Will Find Your Success

If You Find Your True Desire, You Will Find Your Success

We have talked in the past about how desire is the beginning of achievement.  That in order for you to get something you want you must have an all-consuming, burning desire.  We have also talked about why true desire is the only thing that will create the perseverance to get you through the difficult times.

I guess my question to you is: what do you have a burning desire for in your life?

I have had many people tell me they want to lose weight, but I see no action.  I have lots tell me they want to pay down their debt, but I see no action.  I have people tell me they want to get more organized and develop a plan, but I see no action.  I have lots of folk tell me they are going to start walking twice per day, but I see no action.

What do you have desire for in your life?

You will not find yourself battling through seemingly impossible odds without burning desire.  You must find that which you have a desire for and take action.  Is it money, education, a house, a car, a relationship, art, moving to a new country?

What do you have burning, unquenchable desire for in your life?



37 thoughts on “If You Find Your True Desire, You Will Find Your Success

  1. I have the desire to see the world. My desire started to turn to hopelessness when I realized my current life had too strong a hold on me to allow for that dream to come true. That’s when I turned to Minimalism. I have already seen my life change in a positive direction toward my desires to travel. I live with a man that’s been to 13 different countries, and spent 9 years of his life as a child in Saudi Arabia. He has no desire to travel, so most of my adventures have been on my own, which I’m okay with.
    I’m starting with this country, with plans in the next year for two long distance trips. Just putting my desires into motion has created a whole new passion for life.

    1. True, burning, unquenchable desire is very easy to turn into action. 99.9% of the time it happens naturally. Fire burns and consumes everything in its path.

      1. I would like to think that that is true but some people don’t have the means to go after what they really desire, If you can’t physically or financially, what is there to do?

      2. That is an excuse. History is littered with stories of poor and underprivileged digging success of all types from the sweat of their brow. They found a way. Homeless people that have become millionaires. High school drop outs that now own NBA franchises. A hobo became the business partner of Thomas Edison and made both of them multi-millionaires. And physically speaking…I have MS and I do more than most “normal” people do in a day. No excuses. Find a way. Work hard. Show determination and perseverance and make your future happen. If not, sit back, relax and let life happen to you.

      3. There is the confusion. This isn’t optimism, it is an attitude. An attitude that I did not possess as recently as two years ago. But I got tired of wishing and hoping and finally decided to develop the skills necessary to succeed.

      4. It was written in 1937 so some of the context is a little out dated, but the concepts still are relevant. I try to read it once per year. Absolutely changed my life and the way I see the world.

      5. Hill was commissioned by Carnegie as a death bed promise to investigate the most successful self-made men in America and find the common characteristics and then write a book. The result of all that research was Think and Grow Rich. It is amazing.

    2. And I would continue the discussion by saying that if desire does not turn into action, then it was never desire to begin with, but more like wishful thinking. When I say desire I refer to the unstoppable, unquenchable, burning in your gut, unstoppable passion to succeed regardless of obstacles or difficulties or limitations. Edison had desire, Ford had desire, Tesla had desire, Hill had desire, the Wright Bros had desire, Kobe Bryant has desire, Mesi has desire, Gates has desire, Jobs had desire….for examples of my reference.

    1. That is when being open-minded takes over. Try lots of things and figure it out. Open yourself up. I had never written before in my life until I started this blog in November. Now I have a thousand views per day and am writing a book, public speaking as a MS advocate. All because of this blog. If I had never tried this, my life would be completely different right now.

  2. I had a burning desire to be published and write travel articles for magazines and I never gave up. It took years but now I’m a regular contributor. Now that I have my blog my ambition”s changed, I feel I want to inspire others to travel and write. And eventually (when both my kids have finished school) I want to travel around Australia and combine the two. I love the passion in your post Danny. If we really want something badly enough, we find a way. 🙂

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