Featured Bloggers 5/9/16: How to Network Your Blog


Here’s how to network your blog. The work is done for you, all you have to do is LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW others!

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Fortune’s Expensive Smile


La Vie En Rose



My Heart of Mexico



Self Reflection






27 thoughts on “Featured Bloggers 5/9/16: How to Network Your Blog

  1. Respect my new friend…using your connections to grow other people’s is truly a big help to people like myself that are relatively new to social media and entirely baffled by connecting to others…truly generous stuff indeed 😊

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      • You’re very welcome and massive kudos to you for remembering where it all started for you and helping all us all to find their feet. It’s appreciated more than you know….especially the cross blog promotion. Thanks to you I’ve hooked up with some excellent like minded people already. More than that though, connecting with people from all over the world with fantastic cultures is amazing 🙃

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      • I know, I get the same amazed buzz that we can reach out everywhere and communicate, follow, network and read work from just about anywhere. It’s got me wanting to up my following big time 🙃

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      • Very true…and for me it says people from all corners are actually damn nice…despite what our politicos seem to want us to think. And spot on re the little guy…I’m just learning about all this networking and the tools needed. All positive input from what I see on your blog too!

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      • Sign of a true craftsman…not pretending to be an expert lol…. I’m in that steep part of the learning curve…the one that says if I’d only started a year ago think where I’d be today…granted that’s not constructive thought train 🤔

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      • Very true my friend, very true. I hope the journey is half as successful as yours, in which case all will be well 😇 Have a great weekend !

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