My Healthy Living Update – 5/17/16

It is estimated that 1/3 of the population in America is obese and 2/3 are considered overweight; that number sends my brain into a spasm.

When I first started focusing part of my blog of health I was angry at these numbers. Being someone that suffers from MS I find myself upset with people that have their health, yet abuse their healthy bodies with junk food to the point that they become obese.  But as time has passed and I have matured as a blogger these things no longer bother me.  I honestly don’t have the time nor the energy to invest in people that don’t care about themselves, so I move on past it.

I have learned there is need for support for a lot of people that struggle with their weight. I did not understand back then that there are a lot of people who struggle with emotional issues that contribute to their obesity.  I see a time in the future when I will be working as a therapist to help these people; and help I will.  Perspective is a powerful and dangerous thing.  Without proper perspective we see the world through a paper towel tube.  Add an uninformed opinion to that type of perspective and you have the perfect place setting for ignorance and discrimination.


There are people who are comfortable with themselves as a bigger person and this is perfectly fine; it is their life to live.  Then there are people who want to lose the weight, but don’t possess the tools to break the hold that eating has on their life.  These are the people I want to help.  For these individuals, eating becomes their vice in the same manner that gambling, smoking, cocaine or alcohol are the vices of addicts.  Imagine having an addiction that is killing you and having no one who cared enough to help you.

Don’t always assume you have the world figured out and be slow to judge because you don’t know what others are going through unless you have walked in their shoes.  Obesity is a dangerous health condition and there are people who need help and I intend to help those who decide they want it.

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For those who are comfortable with themselves at a heavier weight, I wish you the best in life.  To those who struggle with their weight and think their might be psychological or emotional issues contributing to the problem, I encourage you to reach out to a professional who can assist you in working through your issues.

Have a healthy Tuesday and a prosperous and joy-filled week!

11 thoughts on “My Healthy Living Update – 5/17/16

      • True, but I can’t remember seeing many people with eating disorders during my childhood when people were too busy to earn a living and had no time for thinking about their emotional issues. Eating disorders just like depression etcetera are much more widespread in our age.

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      • I think that life and people have become more difficult and complicated. As for doctors though medicine is more advanced they are not as good at interacting with patients as they used to be when a doctor was like a member of one’s family. Most GPs are also rather ignorant of anything outside their field for instance they know nothing of alternative therapies and take no consideration of side effects that can be worse than the disease itself, they just prescribe medicines at random by picking them out of a book. At least in Britain is like this. GPs are often just strangers. However in their defence it must be said that being a doctor is the second most stressful job after being an airline pilot and many suffer from depression. Both professions have a high suicide rate.

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      • You make some valid points. GPs have become much more generic in a way. Many times visiting my GP is like visiting a factory: in, out, thanks for coming. No personal touch or care.

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  1. I struggle with sugar addiction and emotional eating. I’m like a functional alcoholic (which is funny cause that’s what my father was, now he’s a dry drunk.) Anyway, I’m just like him only my struggle is food based. I can enjoy a glass of wine or a wine cooler, but the strangle hold sugar has on me is rough. It hasn’t wrecked my health as I do eat a fairly healthy diet most of the time and I workout a lot!! You can check out my struggles and progress @

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