19 thoughts on “Facebook Is Killing Meaningful Communication

    • As a mid-lifer I find social media to be amazing and destructive all at the same time. It makes the world a smaller place, which allows little people to have a giant voice. But on the other hand it is creating a generation of people that don’t know how to handle a “live” conversation about meaningful topics.

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  1. It’s not only Facebook, but Twitter and every kind of social media. Virtual interaction or let’s say artificial interaction has killed off live face to face communication. I only interact on Facebook with people that I know in real life. I use Twitter but only as an inspirational tool or notebook. Blogging is different because it’s like writing for a newspaper, book or a diary but it take a lot of dedication. However the effort can be rewarding as it sharpens one’s ability to write and of putting one’s thoughts clearly. I find Youtube very good, the best thing in the internet with blogging.

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  2. This is so true. Someone recently got frustrated with me for not calling recently. I tried to explain how I have been in a funk and just didn’t want to talk to anyone. It wasn’t personal. Their response was “well…I see you’re on facebook all the time”. To me that is totally different. I find it almost impossible sometimes to call people.

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