Local News on Social Media: Big Fail

This post about social media on BzirkWorld had me laughing so hard. omg rotflmao


I watched a local news program this morning.  The news actors reminded viewers to ‘like and follow’ them on social media sites because watching them on television is not painful enough.   Plus, following them on Facebook and Twitter guarantees viewers won’t miss a single glimpse into the clever personalities they have worked so hard to create for us.

To make the news feeds even more fun, social media news managers occasionally add yummy recipes and tidbits on how to properly raise kids or how to stay warm when it’s cold outside. I mean these people are just downright essential to fans all over the metro area. I’m not sure how I even function without them.  Local news is not just the news anymore.

About the time I posted this piece last year is when I stopped following my local news stations on social media. I don’t have the self-control to…

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5 thoughts on “Local News on Social Media: Big Fail

  1. Thank you Danny. Unfortunately, one of my local news channels uses WordPress to post “news” articles and apparently some of the staff there have read my blog post about local news feeds. Since then, they don’t respond to my social media comments with professional, positive responses. It’s almost like they don’t like me very much. I just can’t figure it out. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.

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