48 thoughts on “My Question of the Day – 5/31/16

  1. I prefer to work around situations where a white lie would otherwise be used, and try to use diplomacy rather than a lie. For example, if I answer the phone and someone wants to speak to my husband who isn’t available, I don’t feel I have to make up “white lies” rather than tell exactly why he can’t come to the phone. It’s not the caller’s business. But I can say something non-committal and ask if he can return the call. No need for white lies.

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  2. What a great question. Even silence is a lie of omission! While the answer to the question “does this make me look fat?” might not be what we want to hear, I’d prefer to know the truth than go out in unflattering attire. Now tact and diplomacy should always be employed!

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  3. There many types of white lies. It all depends on the situation and why one is telling white lies. For instance sometimes one has to tell a white lie in order to negotiate a situation to one’s own advantage. Anyway the media, the world of celebrities, business, politics and marketing among others are full of lies of all colours. There is hardly any truth in them. The all world in which we live is an illusion made up of lies and make believe of all sorts.

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  4. It really does depend upon the situation and the people involved. I would tell a white lie to spare someone’s feelings, but if someone asked me to be totally honest, I would. I will ask someone’s opinion on something, and ask them to be frank. I always preface it with, “you won’t hurt my feelings.” I want to know if I look silly or smell bad. That’s what friends do.

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  5. White lies are sometimes used to spare the feelings of others. I don’t like being lied to. I would rather have someone tell me the hurtful truth rather than deceive me and assuming they know better than I do about the effects of the truth.

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    • What about a child who plays a sport and loves being out on the field. They smile the entire game, but it is obvious they are not good. They run off the field with the biggest smile on their face, full of joy. They ask “How I’d do?” with a sparkle of anticipation in their eye. Do you tell them ‘Kid you suck.’ or ‘You did great kid.’ and let them continue to experience the joy of the moment?

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