35 thoughts on “My Question of the Day – 6/1/16

  1. Yes. why because family doesn’t need to be about blood. In society when we have a community -a strong bonded community -that is like family. We all need security, trust, boundaries and communication. That is my opinion. anyhoooo 😀

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  2. No. not in the sense of what the word family means in the dictionary. My family is a mixture of blood family and half family and steps. Lots of remarriage also leading to expanding families and I think of my WP friends as family.

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  3. Well, no, at least for US. The traditional family of married couple with children is in the minority, representing only about 1/4 of families. A large percentage of families are headed by unmarried couples living together. Many families are headed by a single parent raising children. Who knows how the legalization of gay marriage will affect the family concept. We can hold the traditional family as an ideal, but the reality is the institution of family has changed and continues to change.

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  4. It’s still relevant but Its relevance has been watered down a lot. It’s also not seen as a necessity to have a family or to have a family in order to be happy. In fact to raise a family nowadays is quite expensive and a very hard task.

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      • Yes in the fifties the family was very strong. It was in the sixties that attitudes towards everything including family relevance changed. Although the sixties started to change society I always thought that it was the age of superficiality a widespread social trait that is still going on nowadays with catastrophic results.

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      • I was not around in the sixties, but I have studied the cultural changes. And the drug culture and the counter-culture that began which you refer to was the beginning of a selfish, superficial attitude. I agree with you completely.

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  5. I believe it is, yet I believe that the meaning of what a family is has changed. In older times a family consisted of a mom, dad, and children. In contemporary times a family can be a “broken” one. Yet, just because it is considered broken it does not mean it is not a legitimate family.

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