35 thoughts on “My Question of the Day – 6/15/16

  1. I thank God for them. I show them in different ways… Tell them, hug them, talk with them, listen to them, cook for them… I try to choose ways I know the other person would appreciate.😊

  2. I agree with Jennumarie4, I do the same things and when it comes to God or nature? how do anyone say it? Sometimes I don’t even speak it out but I just whisper, “Oh! Thank you thank you thank you!” It’s really amazing how being thankful is good for oneself.. but yes not everyone will appreciate it, but be it… With nature, I just end up giving back to nature, it’s given us plenty…

  3. Any way I can whether it be spending time with them, hugging them, telling them, tagging them on heartfelt and even funny memes on Facebook. I try really hard to show my loved ones appreciation and affection. As for the things I appreciate in my life, I try my best to take care of what I have.

  4. “Well, Wow thank you ever so much! I will be grateful to you for life.”
    However I must be careful to whom I say the last phrase because one day they may ask for a big favour in return that I can’t do. Some people do favours with a string attached…

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