13 thoughts on “Completely Confident

  1. Hahahaha… this reminded me of years ago when I did my green card (golf) and figured I try to play over the river to get to the green. Hit the ball (not well) and it did not go nicely up but down and I saw it already disappear in the beautiful river but then it actually hit the wall of the other side, flew up, somehow touched one of the branches of a nearby tree and boom, baby, hole in one… I’m not kidding you! And that is why, after I got the green card that day, I never played golf again. It can not get better than that anymore 🙂

  2. As a rule I’m very confident, but I always consider the unpredictable. I know that Mr. Unpredictable is always lurking around trying to spoil whatever I do or hope for, so he rarely surprises me.

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