31 thoughts on “My Question of the Day – 6/16/16

  1. I pause for a few seconds after having done anything in order to reset myself. However I never pause to pat myself on the back in order to congratulate myself for my let’s call them accomplishments. This week I achieved something for which I have strived all my entire life. Everyone of my friends congratulated me, but for me it was just business as usual. Nothing special, not different from brushing my teeth or prepare a cup of coffee. Had it happened when I was younger and more excitable it would have been a total different story.

  2. Nope…I fully admit that I am way better at obsessing and agonizing over things that didn’t go well than giving myself kudos for what did. I need to work on it!

    Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  3. I celebrate and get excited about everything. Extra money in the bank, saving money in the grocery store, having a successful interaction with participants at work, kids getting good grades…you name it, I am pretty easily excited!

      1. I set the bar of achievement for myself too high. I always have, no matter what I do, it’s not good enough for me. I could have done better. OOOhh blog post idea!

      2. I don’t think so. I am a happy and content person. Even feeling the pain of so many people . It make me happy to return love and peace to the hurting and broken. My focus has never been on my happiness. It has always been on others happiness and joy. I am here to do a job that Father asked me to do. I set the bar higher than I can reach because it makes me work harder to reach as many people as I can. the true joy and celebration will come after what is fast approaching is done and the universe is renewed.

  4. I do. I even celebrate when I fall short of reaching a goal. The journey is what it’s all about. Plus, I’m Italian and celebrating, mourning, happiness and sadness all lead to good food.

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