10 thoughts on “Healthy Eating – Fibromyalgia, Bipolar and Diabetes

    1. Anyone who does not believe that what you eat has a direct connection to healing the body is blind. I lost nearly 30 pounds over the last 18 months and I can tell you my MS symptoms are so much better. You are what you eat.

  1. Thank you Danny for the reblog.. I am working on finding out what is healthy for what and about foods that are natural inflammation killers. I don’t take pain pills except for an NSAID for the arthritis. I can’t take all the fancy meds for these conditions. Besides natural is better for your body. My son refuses to put any medication in his body no matter how bad he feels and if he does I know it is bad.

      1. I did Diabetes today. The good foods and then the not so good, but no set diet for Diabetes. Portion control is the main answer and if you follow that nothing is of limits.

      2. What really annoys me is I have known this stuff for over 10 years, but I didn’t want to stop my sugar consumption or eat small portions. I did this to myself, but the dr is of no help. Might need a new one if he doesn’t step up to the bat. I should have challenged him earlier.

      3. Finding a good doctor these days is difficult. So many of them are conditioned to not get involved and only treat the symptoms. They are fearful of being sued.

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