10 thoughts on “What’s Your Dream? 

    1. Capturing life’s moments is a beautiful goal. Having a friend or someone to hold you accountable- even better. Best wishes and look forward to seeing some of your work 🙂 Pepper

  1. Dear Pepper,

    I appreciate you for sharing your personal lifelong dream and also highlighting a way to capture the dreams we hold sacred.

    Deep in our hearts, there are many things we want to achieve but a specific action plan is critical – I do agree 100%.

    I also prefer writing things down and I revisit my plan once in a while but I like your one month follow up structure so I will try it (if you don’t mind).

    Similarly, there are time frames on most of my goals and I am a strong believer in creating and gazing over vision boards.

    I found this post to be a great reminder that life happens regardless if we are ready or not.

    Now, I am motivated to follow my dream which is to improve everyday and help others get what they want, so thank you for sharing this valuable insight!

    1. Delles, I’m so glad you were able to gain something from my post. Consistent progress each day towards one’s dream. Keep us posted. Wishing you all the best 🙂 Pepper

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