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  1. I suspect that if you cannot feel fulfilled and happy with little money, having lots of it will not change that. Beyond that, it depends on how you use it, and on not letting it use you.

      1. It also occurred to me to wonder what difference it might make how the money is come by — inherited versus earned by real work versus predatory financial manipulation versus windfall versus patient accumulation of savings — complicated

  2. I do not think that I would be any more happier with more money than with less. We live paycheck to paycheck and I have since my divorce 6 years ago. My husband always says that it wouldn’t matter if we had $3.00 in our bank account or $3,000, I would still always be thrifty and budget. My family, my life, my love they are what make me happy.

  3. Money, like religion is a man man made thing. God had nothing to do with it. Money is a tool and nothing more. It becomes an evil when greed enters the picture. So yes, there is not a thing wrong with having a good deal of it so be happy.

      1. Yes, money only has the value we place on it. It’s paper, a tool. It will not buy anyone anything of lasting value. It is not good, nor is it bad. Having a lot of it, or little, doesn’t make one good or bad. Greed does because it places the value of that piece of paper above what truly matters.

      2. Yes, nothing exterior, nothing material matters because it isn’t real, it’s an illusion. Happiness come from the soul and our connection to the Source.

  4. I don’t believe money makes you happy, but I believe if we can find fulfillment in Christ, we will be fulfilled with or without money. We are warned to guard against the love of money, but not told that money, itself is a bad thing. In fact, Paul often talks about how money is a blessing with which we are entrusted to be able to bless others as well. Money should never be our primary goal or focus, however.

      1. Yes one can find happiness and have money. One can also find happiness and have nothing. Happiness comes because of how we choose to handle situation: where our focus is, and how we handle troubles. Money in and of itself has nothing to do with happiness. When we let the “love of money”, however, become something that is ingrained within us, it will detract from our happiness and satisfaction.

  5. I concur with the general consensus that yes, one could be happy if they have a lot of money, though they could be just as happy with little. Money in and of itself isn’t good or bad, it’s an inanimate object. How we choose to use it and let it influence us determines if having a lot of it is a bad thing or not. ♡

      1. Or perhaps revealing one unbeknownst to others or even themselves. Sometimes we don’t know how we’ll react to something or a set of circumstances until we’re faced with them.

  6. I don’t think they are any happier. Money just causes more problems in the long run. I would love to have enough to live comfortably, but I have been poor all my life and won’t miss, what I don’t have.

  7. As it is said , ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ .. It certainly can buy you anything and everything materialistic but happiness is something greater. Having said that, to me , fulfilment and happiness are two different things. The first that money can suffice and the latter lies beyond.

  8. Anything in excess can be a vice.For example if one has too much of greed for money and it begins to hamper with his spirituality,values,relationships and ultimately peace of mind it is no good.On the contrary if their is too little such that it does not provide for one’s basic right to life it too can lead to a lot of frustration and unhappiness.So if we talk of religion as well then Moderation is the key.Money is a lifeless commodity which can cause as much harm or benefit as the person using it allows it to.

  9. Funny actually as they all seem to chase money too… anyway, I agree with Random Reads. Happiness actually is much more than money. So is fulfillment. As much as it’s nice to have money, it will not buy you happiness. It’s what you do, how you do it and the enjoyment of doing it that will fulfill you. It’s the way you live your life that will bring you happiness. Money is nice to have but not the key to everything. Great question to ponder about yet again 🙂

    1. I think most people are reading the question as “can money make you happy.” what I am asking is can you be truly happy if you are rich, or will having the money get in the way?

      1. Its the same, money does not make anyone happy, proof is in the life style of the rich and famous. These people are not happy at all, they live in an isolated world..

  10. Meaning without money can set you up for a life of struggle.

    Money without meaning can lead to a life of unfullfillment & boredom.


    Meaning + Money = Winning Life Combination.

    – This combination takes time, sacrifice, and hard work. But worth it!

    We only get one life after all. So why not make it golden. 🌟💫

  11. My answer could be an entire blog post. While most religions warn against the evils of money, most are not shy about asking for it in great amounts on a weekly basis. That being said, I believe that it depends on how you acquired that money and how you use it. If you worked hard and came by it legally, you’ve earned the right to enjoy it. If you use the money to help others, that can bring a measure of happiness. From my observation of those that have money, if you were happy to begin with, you’ll likely remain happy. If you were a miserable person, money will not likely change that. I’m a happy person so if anyone would like to do a study to prove my thesis, I’d be more than willing to volunteer 🙂

  12. I think it’s possible to be fulfilled and happy with a lot of money, but the money isn’t what brings it. That said, I think most people would fall victim to greed in that situation. But if one practices gratitude and actively seeks contentment, it’s possible I think.

    1. I think you are the first person to read the question carefully and respond accordingly. “Can you be happy if you have money” is a different question than “does money make you happy.” I believe most would fall victim to greed as well.

      1. hmmmm…wouldn’t know. First off, the taxes would be a bitch to deal with. On that front, yeah..but then there’s offshore.
        But you know what, it’s kind of a nice thought having lots of money although I’m happy just having enough. 🙂

      2. I know people with a lot of money and I’m not so sure how happy they are. But then again I’m not so sure they are any different than most people in general.

      3. Depends on how “happy” is defined. For the rich, they’ve got and can get anything they want. Seems like a good deal for the average people, but money or no money, you would also never know unless you walk in their shoes.

      4. I definitely think so, Danny! Can you imagine being stressed because you have too much money? LOL

        And speaking of being happy, I’ve tagged you on my post today on Happiness because you have make me happy. 😀

      5. No, I can’t imagine being stressed because of too much money! lol And thank you so much for the tag. You are sweet for having done so. You get multiple smiley faces! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. No money doesn’t buy happiness. In fact it creates a lot of problems and detach people from the real world. Moreover the excitement of becoming rich only lasts a couple of months. One negative thing about rich people is that they can only have rich friends. This also mean that if a person becomes suddenly rich he/she will eliminate all the friends that he/she had when they weren’t rich and often even change their spouses, especially the men. It has also been scientifically proved at 100% that people that politically vote for workers parties such as Labour in the UK, once they become rich will immediately switch to vote for the Conservative (the rich people’s party). Such is the power of money in changing people’s mind and attitudes. Religions warn against the love of money, but that is not so of organized religions that are basically big businesses and very rich such as the Vatican, the Evangelists, Jehovah’ s witnesses and even Islam. As the founder of scientology rightly said: “If you want to make money invent a new religion”.

  14. In the ‘all religions ‘ you speak of many have money and many more seek money. I have never yet met a man who openly said he had too much money. People without money secretly desire to be wealthy but they console themselves with the idea that it will not bring contentment.
    It is true that the possession of money may not bring contentment but that is due to our restless nature rather than money.

      1. We can only lose desire when we die all life has desire. There are prophets who suggest things like dying to self and reaching Nirvana but I don’t take them seriously. The very act of blogging shows a desire to communicate.

      2. Yes we tend to forget that those great teachers of the past were men and women of iron self – discipline . Is it not curious that a much greater percentage of highly disciplined people can do great ego enhancing achievements such as Olympics. It surely shows more than discipline is needed to seek self annihilation. Perhaps we should take another look at our heroes and question the type of worship we give them.

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